Critical Perspective Notebook Questions

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America's Self-Satisfaction and the Impact of 9/11

America was originally as self-satisfied as its people. 9/10 undoubtedly marked the beginning of the realization that something would happen to everyone. The activities raised the consciousness of the then-President of the United States, George W. Bush, before which nothing else occurred to him, Amadeo (para. 2). It was the eve of the birth of a new country. It was also the last day for military veterans to demonstrate their ability to provide their talents as a contribution to the nation; people were following values embodied in Patrick Henry's works, Give me liberty, or give me death. It was, at least, realized that these were just words amongst most Americans.

The Intensification of Political and Cultural Polarization

Following this, idolization of politicians then became much more profound, speculations rotated among major political pillars in trying to unleash the suspects of the mission. From this point, the political and cultural polarization intensified among the Muslim groups and the major arms of the political government. The power of Bill Clinton turned into George Bush's personalized hatred.

Nora's Awakening and Desire for Personal Growth

What is your response to the play's ending?

Nora thinks she has lost all the respect she deserves in her marriage, and on top of this, she wants the identity of her own. Besides, she depends on him fully. She has a feeling that her husband and father have always treated her the same. She insists she has to leave even after a confession from her husband that he understands how he should treat her. She has a strong desire to leave, which shows how determined she is to create her own identity.

Nora's Potential and the Possibility of Reconciliation

The play ends in a manner that suggests Nora has realized her potential or probably has undergone some personal awakening. She thinks it would be better if she spends some time alone which would be impossible under when with Travold. It also shows she did not take much time to think about personal growth before decided to get married. She knows she is headed in the wrong direction and admits their wedlock would have worked if not for strangers, these sentiments mark her last words which shed light on the possibility of ending up together again.

The Controversy of Nora's Abandonment

Do you think it makes sense in light of what we have learned about Nora and her marriage?

It makes very little sense and to some extent no sense to have a woman leave behind her children and household in search of self-identity. Others might argue she had no job, but the fact is her husband provided everything. She disrupts all the comfort of her home all for the sake of the unknown venture. Without remarkable skills and a home, this is a dire suicide.

Or, do you agree with Hardwick that Nora's abandonment of her children is not only implausible but also a "rather casual" gesture that "drops a stain on our admiration of Nora"?

I think the fact that she abandons her children makes her appear unmotherly, portraying her as being selfish to some extent; only driven by her ego rather than the family bond. Her reasons for quitting base on the quest for identity which therefore means she was initially not determined in fulfilling the purpose of her marriage. It illustrates how casual her role as a mother had seemed to herself and this has a turnoff especially from the manly point of view. It is also a bad show to the other mothers who previously admired her or the girls who initially grew being mentored by her marriage life.

Nora decides to be leaving her children and her husband over the disagreement on loan. She only thinks Torvald being noble and loving would reinforce their marriage. The fact that he shouts at her berates her standards and makes her think that he has no respect for her (Shmoop Editorial team).

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January 13, 2023
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