Cross-Cultural Communication

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Organizational cross culture refers to a function of values, beliefs, norms and aspects that a group of people follow in an organization (Prasad, 2015). The standards are of considerate influence over people in an organization. Cultural profile elucidates cultural characteristics on various levels such as individual, organizational and national. The thought is comparable to present specifications and standards aimed at improving an innovative concept in an interoperable way. Global knowledge sharing still poses challenges but forms a highly crucial task. Institutions work together to come up with study programs aimed at enhancing efficiency.

With regards to that, one of the importance of having a culture profile of a particular group is that it helps in overcoming barriers such as misunderstanding and misconceptions. It describes cultural and individual characteristics on a different level. In most instances, people have a predefined belief about a particular culture that is often contrary to the reality. In understanding the cultural profile, cooperation and communication become better. One can comprehend how specific events interrelate and link, and their relevance in the present society. The barrier in dialogue is broken down as a sense of engagement and consideration results. Realization of cultural difference is not only ensuring you avoid causing offences but also shaping perspectives that can vary significantly in different cultures.

            Concerning the scenario, the Chinese corporate culture is different from that of India. While engaging in contracts, personal chemistry is crucial. The Chinese society is a high-context culture that assumes one is knowledgeable and requires very little information. It is in contrast to India where only aspects that relate to a contract matter. Therefore, it is useful for the two entities to define each one’s cultural context appropriately to obtain the best terms of the contract efficiently.

            In conclusion, cross-cultural communication is a crucial factor that individuals need to consider and embrace with regards to engaging in business. There is need to familiarise with various cultural aspects of different groups with the aim of adapting to the business world where each language is unique.


Prasad, R. (2015). Cross-cultural communication. Educating Young Children: Learning and Teaching in the Early Childhood Years, 21(3), 21.

November 13, 2023

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