Cultural Diversity Festival in Vilnius, Lithuania

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Vilnius, Lithuania: A Multicultural City

Vilnius, Lithuania is a multicultural city where the ethnic and cultural diversity was long shaped by the co-existence of diverse religions and ethnic communities. The city widely recognized for its cultural diversity and served as a European Capital of Culture in 2009. In addition, there have been events that have focused on the cultural diversity of Lithuania held within the city in the past four years. However, increased globalization and multiculturalism suggests that the community needs more intercultural education to eliminate some levels of cultural prejudice experienced as a result of language, values, cultural and traditional differences.

An Annual Cultural Diversity Festival

Consequently, it is proposed that an annual live cultural diversity festival be established within Vilnius separate from the annual cultural events with the goal of promoting intercultural education. This event will involve the acknowledgement of diverse cultures within the city along with their beliefs and customs as well as recognition of foreign nationalities in a bid to eliminate cultural prejudice and appreciate diversity. The proposed event will be conducted on a three day timeline under close supervision of cultural experts with requested funds totaling to $10,000 and an expected income of $30,000. Future funding of the annual event shall rely on volunteer fundraising support from the city residents and the City Council as well as goodwill.

Event Publicity and Promotion

Event publicity shall be achieved through promotion and advertising through web-based tools and common media. The main channels shall be through online pages on social media and through a web based calendar to reach both local and tourists at a wider scale.

October 24, 2023

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