Cyber Security in the Internet

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Advancement in Technology and Online Communication

Advancement in technology and internet has prompted some online communications. Netiquette is concerned with applicable ways of passing information on line while respecting other people’s privateness and not doing things that will annoy or frustrate others. Displaying courtesy is indispensable when making online communication. Therefore, a set of rules are put in vicinity to govern the online environment.
Online users need to keep in mind that they are dealing with actual human beings and therefore, they must adhere to real existence standard behaviours. It is important for a consumer to notice that he is in cyberspace and therefore should respect the time and bandwidth of different users. He should also preserve in mind that different web sites have varying rules and at no point shall he abuse his power. It is advisable to share reliable and expert knowledge and control any online war flames. Respecting other online users is paramount, and it is wise to forgive the offenders (Rules of Conduct)

The Importance of Proper Online Communication

Online communication can be used to achieve good objectives. For instance, spreading peace messages, creating positive awareness and even for business advertising. Some of the things to avoid in online communication include spreading rumours, disrespecting others, and cyberbullying. These are against netiquette.

Respecting Others in Online Communication

Electronic messages enable us to convey our emotions. The use of memes and emojis help people to send expressions of how they are feeling. However, still, the rules of online communication have to prevail. Out of the above-discussed rules, respecting other online users is very important. When an online user respects others, it means he regards them as human beings, and he will handle them as in real life. He will only share useful information and will not intrude their privacy. It is important for people to practice netiquette. It helps in creating and maintaining both personal and business relationships (Why do People use Netiquette). It also keeps group conversations friendly and productive.


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July 24, 2021
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