Description of an Event (Wedding) With a View To Creating a Focused Impression

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Thanks to its planning and execution, my friend's wedding will be one to cherish for a very long time. She had selected me to be the bridesmaid because we were close friends. I had never played that part before, so it was an exciting feeling, and I was looking forward to the big day. Since I could see a bright future for my friend, I was genuinely pleased for her. Her future spouse was a young, attractive man with a very admirable personality, so I knew my friend's family life was going to be exciting. I cannot put into words the joy that could be seen on both their parents' faces given that it was a day they had constantly been praying for. I remember even the old fellows without teeth held wide smiles as they expressed their inner exhilaration. Love was all around since many people, both old and young, streamed in couples holding hands, others in a nostalgic mood in memory of their big day. Describing the mood of the day as cheerful is just but an understatement.

A crowd of people gathered outside the bride's homestead chanting songs of joy as they waited for her to come out. I could imagine her stepping out into the crowd in her splendid white gown, maybe with tears of joy rolling down her cheeks. The crowd representing the groom was extra delighted considering that they were adding an extra member into their family. They were the ones leading in song praising their own, the groom, for selecting such a beautiful queen to be his wife. Cars were magnificently decorated in a mix of yellow and peach colored flowers, and lined up in readiness for the march towards the church grounds. One of the cars could be easily singled out due to its outstanding appearance, and yeah it was the one to carry the bride. The pitch of the songs went up and I knew it was time for the bride and her bridal team to emerge. In a couple of minutes she was out triggering the intensification of both song and dance. Without wasting much time, a prayer was made and the journey towards the church grounds commenced.

The motorcade moved slowly but swiftly through the way to the church. In a moment my mind wandered on how the arrival at the church would be and the anxiety on the groom's face. All this time the groom had been waiting in the church, hoping and praying for a successful day. The arrival at the church was marked with enthusiasm though in a calm manner as people already there were seated still waiting for the big ceremony. The bridal team and the grooms' men matched into the church in a coordinated way marking the entry of both the bride and the groom. Shortly, the bride and groom entered the church in the company of their parents walking towards each other. They met somewhere in the middle, exchanged a few words and the bride was handed over to the groom. The groom together with the bride walked towards the pastor who enjoined them into an item through the exchange of vows and rings, and the marriage certificate was signed. Thereafter, there was dance, eating, drinking and taking photos, and I only wished my big day would also be as such beautiful.

June 19, 2023

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