Diane Polley: A Journey Through Life and Legacy

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The movie has the recount of Daine Polley’s life from different narrators. Each of them has a version ion many things that she did. Although they all talk about the same person and represent the truth of her life, it is easy to think that they are discussing different people altogether. It is on this ground that the movie backs the idea that the memory of each person is unique. Additionally, there are different versions of the truth as it is clear in the film.

The pregnancy

Diane goes on an acting mission and gets back to Toronto where she learns she is pregnant. She tells Michael of her intention to secure an abortion where he states that he respected her decision since it was her body. Bob who is a brother to Daine and a doctor states, “I was pro-life than pro-choice and thus steered her to proceed with the pregnancy”. Bob has stated that some of the reasons she felt distressed by the pregnancy were age and lack of preparedness. There is also Sarah’s brother who explains the excitement she had due to the pregnancy. “She seemed so excited since it was something new and she loved new”. The three versions are all about the same person but have differences.


Sarah was born as a result of an affair between Diane and Jeff. Jeff states that it just kicked off while she was on the run for a movie. There are also others who felt that Jeff followed her around and he would even wait for her down the stairs while she was shooting. There are three versions of how the affair played out. Sarah’s brother also explains that the mother may have had an extra-marital affair due to the controlling habits of the dad.


Some narrators have talked about her death and how she reacted to the news about cancer. One of the narrators states that it caused fear and anxiety which drained her energy. “She was just a mess, she was very very frightened.” He states. There is also Jeff who states that three weeks to her death she was still concerned about how her house would look which is an indication that she was not worried at all. 


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