Difficulties in Math and Science

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Difficulty and Overcoming Challenges

Difficulty can be well described as the fact or state of being hard to do, deal with or understand a situation or condition. The difficulty, however, ought not to imply desperation or destruction since to accomplish some situations, some levels of difficulties have to be experienced. When studying subjects like mathematics and sciences, some levels of difficulty are experienced by very many individuals inclusive of even me (Howell et al., 2016).


I experienced some levels of difficulty in trying to solve the mathematical equations since I had to put very many formulas in my mind. This was really a challenge to me since I had memorized the formulas so as to effectively solve the equations. I, however, did not let that make me feel like mathematics was impossible. I took the challenge and sought to learn and memorize the formulas more so that they would stick in my mind. This was a brave decision that I made and really helped me in conquering the idea that I had of mathematics being difficult as a subject. I was really proud of myself as I was now excelling in mathematics subject.


Sciences which are divided into three that is, biology, chemistry, and physics often give us students some headache (Strogatz et al. 2018). I personally experienced this levels of difficulties, especially in chemistry. Chemistry because I have to understand some chemical equations which need to be mastered in order to answer the chemistry questions. Without the formula, I really faced challenges in answering the questions and most often I left the questions that involved the chemical equations unanswered. I sought of how to conquer this challenge and the method I thought of was to study at least five chemical equations each day. This decision was very effective as it really worked for me. I was able to master almost all chemical equations I was being examined. The norm of leaving the chemical equations was now over and this really helped me in excelling in the chemistry subject.

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August 21, 2023

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