Digital Crime and Digital Terrorism

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Digital Crime and Digital Terrorism

Digital crime and digital terrorism is the act of bullying online users through threatening them and make them feel insecure while using the online platform or internet. The potential future of digital crimes and digital terrorism. The digital criminals always take advantage of the global network to ply their unethical trade. The future digital crimes and digital terrorism example include scams and phishing, spyware and key logger, worm and botnet, viruses and malware, piracy, hacking, advanced fee fraud, transaction fraud and identity theft (Taylor, 2014).

Hacking and Piracy

There have frequent cases of hacking, which is illegal circumventing security to access information from another person computers. Hacking can make an organization lose its sensitive, confidential information to unauthorized people or institution (Mahlan & Griset, 2008). The hackers sometimes seek to gain control over the system and manipulate the system to their advantage. Another digital crime that will take effeteness in the future is piracy. Piracy can be described as the theft of intellectual property. It involves copying and distribution of a program without permission from the source. The cases of software theft will significantly rise with the increase in the complexity of technology as the pirate also devise their ways of software piracy. Transactional fraud will substantially be experienced in the future. This will be done by using stolen credit cards and fraudulently requesting for change back after receiving the products.

The Impact of Technological Advancements

Technology is not only changing at hyper speed but also becoming more complex and dynamic. Therefore the forecast on the digital terrorism and digital crimes are very accurate. The rate and the complexity in the execution of the digital crimes will provide more challenges in curbing the vice. Secondly, the cybercriminals are also enhancing their knowledge on how to execute cyber-crimes undetected using more fatal technologies. This will pose a significant security threat internationally through the development of technology-based explosives (Eaton, 2014).

Challenges for the Criminal Justice System

The criminal justice system faces critical challenges is linking the criminals to the criminal acts. Sometimes the cyber-attacks are anonymous or autonomous set by an unidentified person, therefore, unless a person claims responsibility it is complicated to establish the culprits. The criminal justice system needs to improvise on the system they are using to be able to effectively and efficiently be able to deal with cybercriminals.


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September 04, 2023


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