Why Cybercrime is Lucrative Research Essay

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Today's World and the Importance of Cybercrime Research

Today's world has realized the importance of interconnectivity between people and businesses. However, the issue of vulnerability has also come to light as more people and businesses are at risk of being targeted locally or remotely via their computers or the internet. Due to the complexity of the situation, research into cybercrime—a word used to describe any criminal activity carried out online or through a computer—is now necessary. The use of Aon Cyber Enterprise Solution, which allows people in the insurance industry to protect their property from attack by malicious people, is one such intervention. The technological advance program has since been used to prevent data loss and other adverse effect following the occurrence of a cybercrime incident (Ngugi). The use of such a technique is critical in the twenty-first century because of the need to protect specific forms of data from intrusion, hence the need for increased awareness about the importee of cybercrime issues.

The Exploitation of Trust in Cybercrime

One of the primary reasons for the need to understand issues related to cybercrime is that it involves taking advantage of trust to gain access to a device. It is becoming a trend that malicious individuals tend to capitalize on obtaining personal information that will enable them to proceed with their hacking and attack motives. The primary strategy that they often use involves the concept of spear-phishing that are tailored at people who are willing to deliver any form of information that will be useful in the attack process. The key factor is the idea of building trust so that a lot of information is obtained gradually while building a profile of the victim who is susceptible to the attack. Often, people are taken advantage of and the hacker will try to obtain only as much information as they will be considered trustworthy. In such cases, the attacker will end by impersonating the subject upon which they have been entrusted with the information so that the information they have, the more likely the chance that they will continue creating the illusion of trust. When such a hacker manages to obtain the information, they use it to carry out their malicious processes often at the expense of the victim.

The Demand for Cloud Security in Cybersecurity

The other major advancement in the field of cybersecurity is that there is a growing demand for cloud security to ensure that there is data privacy and protection. Many of the graduates are hired to provide for protection in the field of cloud computing and security. Cloud security entails the control-based technologies that are intended to stick to the rules and protection of data from cloud computing use. A shift is being experienced in the field of cybersecurity with an increased demand of cybersecurity professional to address the challenges that people face when using technological devices. It is supposed that behind every new hack or data breach, there is a company that is collapsing on another end. It means that it is a great trend for those with cybersecurity skills because then they will be hired by the companies to provide protection. The gurus in machines have since taken advantage of the principle which cloud security operates to manipulate systems and in the process compromise on the security of the users. It is noted that with the cloud model, one automatically loses power in controlling the physical security, which is a huge challenge for the company at risk. For instance, in a public cloud setting, the computing resources are shared with others and one will not have the power to determine the manner in which the devices and the resources associated with it are risked. The shared pool is thus a common target for those who want to engage in cybercrime which creates a huge problem. In fact, it is not uncommon that vendors are known to engage in the creation of what is commonly termed as the sticky devices that open will end up finding to be difficult to transfer from one cloud to another. It is increasingly apparent that the simple venture of placing one's details online is becoming a predisposing factor to becoming a target online and risking seizure of the data in the process.

Transnational Crime and Terrorism

It is also important to establish the relationship that exists between transnational crime and terrorism which includes other crimes such as narcotic and terrorism finance. By definition, transnational crime involves the crimes that have an actual effect at the national level often at the borders and they often offend the principle that govern international community networks. It is worth describing that terrorism finance is also relevant and a huge challenge in the process because it involves the financial process that terrorist groups get and it is often done through malicious activities.

Firstly, transnational crime incidents have also been on the rise and it is becoming harder to trace culprit because they often protect themselves. Many people in diverse nations engage through electric devices in the presents generation with virtually all forms of communication being described to feature an electronic gadget. It is common that many people will be involved in chats and verbal communication through mediums such as the phone or laptop which can even involve the exchange of information about narcotics and drugs peddling. A further worrying issue in the problem of crime at the national borders and what it means in context to the industry years is that it is becoming more difficult to trace culprits who manage to gain access to personal information. It is a huge concern in the future because in many cases, it is not possible to determine the address that has been used in the transaction process because of the country limitations. Rice University's James’ information technology policy research fellow Chris Bronk has since stated the growing concern that “the source field can be changed [spoofed] by an attacker to make it seem like it's coming from someplace it's not” (Greenemeier). It is plausible to think that going into the future, the biggest issue is that there will be more people becoming vulnerable to drug use simply because of the ease of engaging in such malicious transactions and whose origin cannot be traced (Landwehr et al.). Meanwhile, the perpetrators are also finding it a perfect opportunity to thrive and nurture their fraudulent activities online at the expense of many companies and governments.

Cybersecurity in the Fight Against Terrorism Financing

The emergence of computers has recently been described as a blessing in disguise because despite being though to have improved Information and Communication Technology, is it now associated with challenges related to terrorism finance. In the cyber field, there are continuous efforts to protect electronic information and computer systems from unsolicited intrusions. As indicated by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), cyber-attacks have expanded drastically over the previous decade, uncovering sensitive information to robbery, and displeasing fundamental computer systems. However, cybersecurity threats are becoming more prevalent in the terrorism arena and with the many perpetrators being cybersecurity professionals who can even transfer money to an extremist organization. Countries such as the US need to factor the likelihood of spending millions of dollars to correct cyber-related crimes with the major target being the terrorism financing options in the fight against extremism.

The Future of Cybercrime and the Importance of Security Systems

In summary, it is apparent that one of the greatest trends in the cybercrime world is related to the rise in hacking incidents in the field of cybersecurity. Furthermore, it has been found that data privacy has been a hot topic following the concerns related to data loss by firms, hence the need to create awareness. Furthermore, the users of computers and other personal devices are also facing the risk of losing their data because they hardly take into consideration the nature of the risk involved when chatting and calling through such media. The complications have been manifested through the use of computers to promote drug peddling and terrorism. It is particularly worrying that it is difficult to trace such criminals and the grounds are creating a better opportunity for hackers to hone their skills. Therefore, heading into the future, it is advised that companies ought to invest in the best security systems and update themselves on the advances in the field to avoid the adverse outcomes.


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July 15, 2023

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