Digital Revolution: Assessing the Internet's Societal Influence

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The Impact of Technology

The evolution of technology has dramatically had an impact on our country and the society at large. Majority of people all over the world interact with one form of technology on a daily basis due to the tremendous opportunities it provides in different fields of human life. Despite the numerous technological changes that have occurred, the internet stands out as the greatest ever technology developed and one that has had an enormous impact on the country.

The Internet's Role in Education and Communication

The internet has over the years been used for online education, online space, and even public websites. Today, colleges no longer invite applicants via letters. They have created websites to advertise their courses and to allow people to apply through easy steps. Today, people do not have to attend classes physically but can learn online. Companies also use the internet in virtually all processes from recruitment, advertising, management, communication, and even sales. Social networks have also been created due to the internet. It has allowed for social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter where individuals can share their goals, interests, and photos. Communicating with one another has become easy and faster as people can chat via texts or conduct video talks.

The Internet as a Versatile Tool

The internet is a research archive, a multimedia kiosk, a global news channel, and a shopping service. The internet is also the cheapest mass medium ever and a big problem to those who have secrets to keep. Numerous times it has proven to be a nuisance especially in cases of online fraud and other forms of cybercrimes such as hacking. Despite its entire shortcomings, the internet is the greatest technological innovation that has impacted the world in several ways that could never be imagined.

September 11, 2023


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