disability and deafness

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The Inability to Hear Well

The inability to hear well was the main impairment that was highlighted. This is the capacity of deafness. Ridloff, the lead actor in the film, is the deaf character. However, additional disabilities have emerged alongside the development of hearing loss (Medoff, 15). She is both deaf and dumb since she is unable to speak. A teacher named Joshua falls in love with her and decides he wants to marry her.

Expressing Herself

To her disability, she is able to express herself very well to the rest of the people including Joshua whenever she becomes angry or when she becomes happy. She is able to communicate with the rest of the people without any fear that she is disabled. In this way, she is able to prove that disability is not inability. It is unique that she is able to fall in love with a person who does not have any disability. She is able to trust herself that Joshua is the right guy and at no point does she think that Joshua is trying to take advantage of her (Medoff, 24). Though she is disabled, she is able to express her thoughts about any topic that they are holding a conversation with Joshua. They are able to discuss their lives and the take in which they will take to have a successful love life together.

Impact on Other Characters

The character Ridloff has been of great impact to the rest of the characters in the movie. She has been able to create a love feeling to Joshua who is a teacher of speech. In this case, she is able to prove to the rest of the students that even with disability, they can be able to love and be loved (Khan, 27). It has shown that people with disability can match completely well and have a good life with people with disability. This is an esteem booster for the people with disability.

Influencing Lives

The film has characterized the people with disability as the most important people in the community. It has shown the people being able to influence the people without disability and being able to positively influence the lives of the people without disability. In this way, the people without disability have been able to love the people with disability. An example is the love of Joshua to Ridloff. The community can do anything for the people with disability. Joshua told Ridloff that he would do anything for them to remain together (Khan, 31). However, at some time, Joshua asked Ridolff to try and speak and also come to his world and see how it feels. He is therefore portrayed an arrogant attitude to people with disability.

Challenges and Communication

Some of the challenges that are being experienced in the film include the issue of lack of proper communication. Some of the characters are not able to communicate perfectly with the people with disability. At one point he interprets wrongly and this brings in the importance of speech teachings.

A Source of Love for Everyone

I learnt that the people with disability have a very kind heart. Everything that they have to say can be read straight through their eyes. Their eyes and behavior can be able to tell more about the response that they are about to give. They will always assist where they are able to and they can love and be of very great influence for the people without disability as long as their communication is not limited. In this way, it may be concluded that people with disability are a source of love for everyone.

Work cited

Medoff, Mark Howard. Children of a lesser god. Dramatists Play Service, Inc., 1980.

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April 06, 2023


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