disaster on the Gulf Coast in New Orleans

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Little attention was paid to the afflicted people following the Gulf Coast disaster in New Orleans. In this case, poor leadership and management skills were at the forefront. The lack of appropriate answers reveals the local administration's failure to improve the quality of people's lives, which should be a major component of social welfare policy (DiNitto & Johnson, 2016). If the proper criteria were followed, few individuals of the community would choose to rebuild the demolished homes without government assistance. It is a move that highlights the failure of social policy aimed at assisting the impacted populace. The video shows the level of greed that President Bush's government had, while limited attention was delivered to the poor people in the society. The largest problem highlighted is the insufficient attention to the issue of regaining the lost property and renewing it due to the inappropriate division of funds. No link was then provided on the channels that would lead to the attainment of this money. The neighborhoods appeared not able to reinstate themselves in their previous homestead as the inhabitants had to seek alternative places to earn a living.

The majority of these aspects can be linked to the delays on the side of the authorities concerning offering the assistance and organizing a fast and timely response to the matter. The filed lawsuits would bear no fruit to the civilians as the issues of bankruptcy were being risen in courts while the affected parties were left to suffer. The video further offers a perception that the elderly would be best suited living in the nursing homes than in the destroyed town, which was another indicator of the failure of the government to provide sufficient support to the victims of the natural disaster.


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April 19, 2023
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