Disney Animation Studios

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The Audience for My Presentation: Disney Animation Studios

The audience for my presentation will be The Walt Disney specifically Disney Animation Studios. The motive behind me choosing Disney Animation studio is due to its good reputation in The Walt Disney Company as it is in direct link with the course I am undertaking, entertainment business in media. The sector is the best in the company because it caters for all ages of viewers compared to other departments. The main reason for my presentation is to position myself for either an internship as I am still studying in the university or placement upon my study completion.

About Disney Animation Studios

The Disney Animation Studio is headquartered at Burbank, California. It is an American animation studio which involves itself in creating animated feature films, short films, and television specials. It was founded as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio in 1923 as a division of The Walt Disney Company (Dreier 376). The division has produced many films totaling to about 56 features. The Walt Disney Animation Studios was renamed after the acquisition of Pixar Animation Studios in 2007. The studio has developed many techniques, concepts, and principles intertwined in traditional animation standard practices. The storyboarding has been pioneered by the studio. The studio continues to produce films that are of traditional design and computer-generated imagery (CGI). The division values innovation and creativity because it's only through them that it hooks audience attention at the program time.

How I Can Contribute to Disney Animation Studios

As a student in the entertainment business of media and entertainment in the Full Sail University of Orlando, I hope by channeling my presentation to Disney Animation Studios will avail an opportunity in proving my suitability in enabling the firm's division to achieve its goals. The firm's division is always ahead of the game by incorporating technology in its production. As I have learnt some new technologies in the entertainment field, I will help the firm incorporate them in order to reap more than what it could be reaping at the moment. Of course, the division needs innovations and creativity that are of the modern world not related to the time the division was fully put into operation. The entertainment business skills I have acquired in class when launched in the presentation, I will show the division various ways of earning more revenues and profit for the firm (Griffin 10). As the human resource representative will be coming to pick students with the best skills of the season, I believe that they will take me because I am the best in our university in creativity and innovation.

The Best in the Firm's Division

The Disney Animation Studios is the best in the firm's division ranking and internationally, hence big market share and audience activation. The division's fraternity such as crew, cast, and employees are not enough since the group of the market and customers shift in taste and preference, which creates a gap. The best way to bridge such a gap is by the firm's entertainment division employing me. I will bring forth new skills useful in penetrating the market. The skills acquired from my course entertainment business for media is quite unique that provides the best knowledge required in the firm's entertainment arena. The skills acquired in class will help me solve problems that the firm's employees cannot solve because they lack such critical skills in addressing current issues (Ward 134). Having the insight of firm's division strengths and weaknesses, it would be appropriate for it to employ me in order to unravel the puzzle which is the backdrop of achieving the firm's objectives.

Fulfilling the Company's Vision

I am certain that upon the completion of my presentation, the firm's division will place me, and I will fully utilize the skills acquired. This will present an opportunity for the company to place me in the division for achieving its vision of becoming the world's best and most preferred entertainment segment of the company. The presentation will indeed open doors for me to work in a media firm that I have been admiring to work for. I will employ strategies that will outcompete other people because there are many applicants for the same position. Therefore, I have to present an eye-catching and attractive that qualifies me to be taken ahead of every applicant. I had to prove myself worth for the position as the best appropriate and qualified for the same position. Such kind of opportunities will only be capitalized and confirmed during my presentation.

Creativity and Strategies for Success

Strategies are always best when appropriately utilized. As I target being employed in an entertainment division of the firm, creativity is a must for me to demonstrate during presentation in order to win the audience on sight. The media firm's growth depends on the creativity in winning customers and audiences worldwide. It is therefore mandatory that I show a high level of creativity and innovation to be in a high chance of qualifying and being placed as either an intern or an employee. The strategy that I will use for the firm in getting more revenue will as well be useful for other firms since all of them are in the verge of profit maximization. Moreover, the creativity and strategies I will deploy will not be limited to this firm only but another firm can sub-contract me for services of which Disney Animation Studios becomes the beneficiary (Voigt et al., 120).

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October 30, 2023


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