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The term government

The term government refers to the means by which society organizes itself, with the primary aim of achieving public goods. Security, economic stability, and civic amenities are examples of public goods. The term economy applies to the deliberate and prudent administration of public relations, as well as the management structure of every country or state. Politics is the mechanism by which power is obtained in order to exert influence within a country, especially over resource surveillance and management. This research paper shall focus on the different branches and layers of government and also discuss the firing of FBI director by Trump as being debated in America (Waskiewicz & Glen 1-10).

Current issue being debated, the competing solutions and better option to take

Security is a critical aspect of the American economy since it makes it easier to carry out business and in the process grow the economy. However, the firing of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) director James Comey by President Trump has led to a fierce debate among most Americans. This action by the president came as a shock as he had previously shown interest in retaining the director once he came to power. Additionally, Comey was a registered Republican, and nobody could imagine of such an action from the president. According to the Congregational Research Service, the President has no authority in the statutes to remove the director of FBI. On the other hand, Scott Bomboy, courtesy of the National Constitutional Center, argues that the director can work at the president_x0092_s will. Scott invokes the constitution_x0092_s advice, and consent clause, the president has the power to hire individuals to work in the executive branch subject to the approval of the Congress. Also, the Congress can unseat the direction by invoking the impeachment clause in the Constitution. However, the burden of proof lies with the Congress, and the standards are quite high. The fact that the FBI works closely with the executive makes sense for the president to put in place someone he will work with comfortably. Therefore, Scott_x0092_s premise that the president can fire the director of FBI is preferable given the provisions of the Constitution. However, the director has a recourse by going to the judiciary to seek for interpolation on the constitutionality of his dismissal (Kunter 1-2).

Responsibility of levels and arms of government

The US Constitution is the supreme law, and as the foundation of the federal government, it sets the structure of the government. It is based on three principles: separation of power, checks and balances and difference regarding office. On separation of authority, spread between the three arms of government: the executive (the cabinet and the president) the appointment of the director is done by the president; the judiciary (Supreme Court and federal circuits) interprets whether due process was followed in the selection of the director, and the Legislature approves the appointment of the director. There is no one arm that much power as witnessed in the case of FBI director and there is no person who shall belong to more than one arm. The checks and balances are derived from the non-absolutism of one arm. The office bearers serve in different times in office as stipulated in the constitution; it breaks down the rapid change in the political arena. The president_x0092_s term is four years, Senate six years; House representatives serve for two years while the members of the Supreme Court serve for life. The states equally enjoy some autonomy; they can establish their local governments within the constitution of the state and ratify the amendments made to the constitution of the United States of America. In the case of the selection of the director of FBI the states can influence by persuading the representatives in the house and senate to do it otherwise. The constitution is silent particularly on power between the states and localities found in the states (Waskiewicz & Glen 521- 530).


In conclusion, a government is a necessity in every country for its progress in the long run. There are three arms of government the executive, legislature and the judiciary. There are two levels of government especially in the United States of America, the national and county government, the federal system of governance. Lastly, the fact that the FBI works closely with the executive makes sense for the president to choose a director that he believes will work with him to further his economic agenda.

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November 23, 2022

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