Effective interpersonal communication

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Every relationship necessitates and necessitates effective interpersonal contact. However, most participants are unaware of the right procedures and methods for successful interpersonal contact. In this situation, the obstacles are so intense that most marriages end up breaking down. Counseling and guidance on this crucial aspect of contact is essential during those procedures. There are some advantages of good interpersonal contact. The most effective thing that contributes to a good partnership is effective communication. Without it, you may be certain that the relationship will collapse. Principles and barriers to effective interpersonal communication

Principles of effective communication strengthen the relationship while barriers of effective interpersonal communication may ruin the relationship if not addressed early enough.

Warren (2010).

The article illustrates the main barriers to effective interpersonal communication and the process of eliminating such barriers to end up with an effective interpersonal communication.

The article is of importance in this case, at it offers knowledge and skills that the letter will share with the couples on how best to reduce such barriers in their relationship.

Role of communication in developing and maintaining self-concept, self-image, and self-esteem

Proper communication is vital in developing and maintaining self-concept, self-esteem, and self-image among people in a relationship.

Remland and Brinkman (2015).

The article gives a clear explanation of body orientation in relation to interpersonal communication

In this letter, the article is of great importance as it improves the level of understanding how communication relates to the above-mentioned body orientation methods.

Importance of self-disclosure and emotional intelligence in relationship

Self-disclosure and emotional intelligence work a great step to improve the status of a relationship. Understanding the two aspects leads to effective communication.

Bevan and Sole (2014).

The article gives a clear and precise explanation in relation to understanding the different concepts of interpersonal communication.

In this case, the article is of crucial importance as it describes the various factors that lead to effective communication, inclusive of understanding self-disclosure and emotional intelligence.

Strategies for using communication techniques to resolve interpersonal conflicts

Various strategies exist for using communication techniques that help in resolving various interpersonal conflicts that exist in a relationship.

Radford (2006)

The article well illustrates proper investigation of interpersonal communication with reference to chats that exists between two individuals in a relationship.

The article offers the strategies essential in improving communication techniques when having a communication with your partners through chats.

The impact of gender and culture in interpersonal communication

Gender and culture are great barriers to interpersonal communication.

Berger and Calabrese (2015).

The articles illustrate factors that limit the development of a well-elaborated communication theory in relation to gender and culture.

In the letter, the article is of great importance and it offers the reason, which makes gender, and cultures the main barriers of communication with relation to their impacts in interpersonal communication.


A relationship cannot work as required without effective communication. Understanding principles of communication and eliminating barriers of interpersonal communication helps in having an effective communication. Moreover, enhancing communication to support self-concept, self-image, and self-esteem, which are the major barriers to communication. Communication can also be enhanced through a reduction in the effectiveness that comes along with the idea of gender and culture.


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