Effects of Minimum Wage on Society

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A minimum wage

A minimum wage refers to the lowest amount of money that a worker can legally be paid, hourly. It is a legally authorized wage in terms of hours, below which workers are not to accept a particular job, let alone to be offered the job. The issue on minimum wage has recently been a ground for a battle for economists. The minimum wage has generated a lot of anxiety since it goes deep to the heart of how individuals have viewed the free markets. If the minimum wage is decent policy, it upsets the conventional theory of economy. The origin of the minimum wage is traced back to the 19th century, where workers formed movements in industrializing nations to fight low wages, long hours, as well as the shortage of unions that supported the safety of workers.

Laws on minimum wage at the time

Laws on minimum wage at the time represented minimums for particular industries in which concerns of workers being taken advantage of were high. This is unlike the current laws on minimum wage, which encompass all forms and types of employment. Walking through the assessments of the effects of the minimum wage is an experience that can be described as dizzying. However, even though some studies have shown the harmful impacts of raising the minimum wage, most others have described the positive effects of the same. This essay will lay a focus on how the raising of the minimum wage could impact the society in a positive light.

Why Raising Minimum Wage Would Be a Positive Change

Over the past few years, several states have increasingly experimented on higher minimum wages, with the aim of remedying inequity of incomes and the still economic mobility. It has been observed that raising the minimum wage grows remunerations at the foot of the distribution. Convincing evidence exists, that suggests that if the minimum wage is increased in moderation, it will provide much-needed benefits to some of the most hard-pressed families, and this would not cause any apparent negative effects on employment. Raising the minimum wage means increasing the salaries of millions of workers who toil for low wages. This translates to an effect on the household incomes of several individuals who have low-wage workers in their families. The minimum wage is progressively pertinent to the wellbeing of the families of low-wage workers since the ones who would most likely be affected by the low wages are the considerably older and the infants. These higher incomes from the increase in minimum wage would highly benefit low, moderate, and middle-income families.

Through the increase in the minimum wage

Through the increase in the minimum wage, the government can ensure that all people continue to share in the profits of growth. This increase in wage would instantly translate to more money for low-wage workers, who would hence be able to spend this money on the essentials of living, for instance, food, gas; which creates faster growth. For the businesses, if the employees have higher wages, they would not want to leave their jobs in pursuit of better-paying jobs. Moreover, employees who survive at minimum wage most often than not, depend on supplementary backing from social programs that are run by the government, for instance, subsidies on housing, food assistance, health support for themselves and their families, as well as education. Better education means better-paying jobs in the future and reduced stress (Sutch 10). If the minimum wage is raised, then some of these individuals will have the ability to support themselves more without having to rely so heavily on social programs. It upturns the incentive to take jobs, rather than other means of transferring revenue to the less fortunate that are not related to employment. This would translate to the reallocation of these funds, for the support of other societal needs.

Raising the minimum wage, and the subsequent raising of the wages of workers

Raising the minimum wage, and the subsequent raising of the wages of workers who work for lower incomes also facilitate the reduction of poverty and income inequity, while fostering gender pay equality. When the central significance of counteracting income inequality is put into consideration, it is notable that minimum wage growths have been seen to create a reduction in the inequity of incomes. Also, greater minimum wage is has been seen to reduce the gender wage gap, more so for women of color. Research has it that African-American ladies only get 64 cents for every dollar paid to a white man, while Hispanic women get just 54 cents for every dollar that their male counterparts are paid. An increase in the minimum wage would mean 55 percent of workers (all ladies), would be on the beneficial side (Steele 23). Also, a higher minimum wage would similarly decrease the wage penalty for bisexual and gay men, who happen to experience a wage penalty, earning between ten and thirty-two percent lower than men who are heterosexual. Lesbian ladies are not left out by this gender gap, and would greatly benefit from increased minimum wage as well.

An increase in the minimum wage would also have positive impacts on the economy.

With higher wages, individuals will acquire a higher purchasing power, which will lead to the expansion of aggregate demand as well as the strengthening of the economy. Families which experience increased income would usually advance their consumption, while families that experience decreased incomes would usually lower their consumption rates. This increase in demand elevates the income and the output of the nation. According to the Keynesian theory of economics, through the improvement of salaries for low-wage jobs and increased in the minimum wage, the consumer spending of these workers will be restored. This spending powers our economy and is essential for the growth of local businesses (Holly,2015). More disposable incomes translate to increase in sales volumes, which mean more profit. This would encourage expansion and hence more employment. Also, contrary to the arguments that increased minimum wage would lead to reduced employment and affect business, affect capital and reduce demand on prices; the minimum wage in the US has been altered more than 22 times, and the GDP per capita only increased steadily (Steele 13).

Increased minimum wage also encourages the bettering of developments in technological

Increased minimum wage also encourages the bettering of developments in technological, as costly technology increases efficiency in businesses and is more appealing with the price of labour. It also affects work ethic. More income encourages an increased work ethic. Individuals who earn very little don't have as much motivation as those earning reasonable amounts. With higher pay, the employers have the right to demand more. Increased minimum wage also leads to encouragement of individuals to join the workforce, as opposed to involving themselves in illegal activities to earn money, for instance, crime and selling of drugs (Bernstein et al., 20). In this light, policy makers and the government, in general, should be confident that an increase of the minimum wage for workers would not negatively impact business and employment. It would instead encourage the kind of development needed by our economy in the sector of consumer demand. In the presence of an active administrative policy, the economy can be managed efficiently, even with an increase in the minimum wage. The economy will also only grow, seeing as the people receiving this money ends up spending it on consumption goods.


The minimum wage has received plenty of coverage recently. Many have argued that the increase in minimum wage would not lead to the loss of jobs by some people as previously suggested. Rather, an increase in minimum wage would be an incentive for the growth of the economy, as it allows more spending for workers. In return, this increases demand which then enhances the growth of businesses. Increase in the minimum wage is a positive factor, seeing as it will encourage a surge in the quality of life of many workers who are currently almost living in poverty, or who are already living below the line of poverty. Higher minimum wages will not only help individuals out of poverty but will also aid in the reduction of expenses incurred by the government on social programs. Several jurisdictions establish that decidedly greater minimum wages would have great positive impacts in their employees, and have taken a significant initial step of increasing wages for their contractors and employees. Advocates also trust that it is time for the minimum wage to be increased significantly.

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