Emergency Planning and Web Security

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The importance of a reliable third party in improving electronic commerce

Reliable third parties have always been relied on by company executives, particularly those from hospitals, banks, and other brokers, for the security of their internet transactions. Studies have demonstrated that there is an increase in the number of companies that aid in offering security services as well as validating organizations' online transaction portals and websites. Companies also assist in ensuring that organizational systems are free of malicious vulnerabilities, which can have a negative influence on data, information, and other resources in network systems. Despite of the fact that the corporations have been expanding in numerous countries throughout the world, Regardless of the fact that the companies have been increasing in various nations across the globe, the two major have been widely known include the Verisign and TRUSTe. The two companies have been trusted by other organizations in the global market, especially when relating to issues of validation from third parties. They also operate for a long term, which provides other companies confidence that they can operate successfully and effectively (Al-Khanjari & Alani, 2014).

TRUSTe Company

TRUSTe company has been explained by scholars to assisting in providing various services, and they operate mobile apps, a privacy seal program, cloud services, and certifying websites among other services including Zynga, LinkedIn, Apple, Intuit, Microsoft, HP, and eBay. Truste illustrates the fact that it has self-certified as complying with the privacy statement of the company as also complies with the privacy that has been provided with the site. The seal developed to be used by the company to its clients means that the website complies with the industry privacy and government guidelines in which it was found to have been applied to ensure that the vender met (Gearty, 2013).

The Truste has developed and implemented some policies that are used for personal information and also helps in making certain that user’s information has been protected. There are some TRUSTe seal programs that have been commonly applied by users, and they include the Truste’s E-Health Seal program, which certifies that an individual’s website contains health related issues and provides a seal that allows the website to be displayed. In this case, the seal provided complies with specific principles concerning best practices, quality, and privacy. The other program is the Privacy Seal Program that is used by organizations that have agreed to abide by the laid down rules that are specifically developed and are related to the use of personal information. The Children’s Privacy Seal Program is also developed by Truste and the program is always compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). The last program provided by Truste is the EU Safe Harbour Program, which is commonly used by institutions and organizations that want to abide by the compliance and rules of the Safe Harbor Privacy Framework (Al-Khanjari & Alani, 2014).

Verisign Company

Verisign is a security offering company that helps in providing Verisign Trust Services, Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) Certificate Services, Verisign Identification Protection (VIP), and the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Services among other services to organizations. The services have been aimed at facilitating improved connections between venders and service users. There is a stamp given out by Verisign that gives their users trust that there is adequate safety in their personal information, especially when dealing with hospitals, brokers, and banks among other public institutions.

Verisign also assists in improving operations undertaken in diverse websites as we as building its reliability by verifying the business licenses and website’s articles. It also provides a digital verification of various sites developed by organizations. If the sites have been proven okay for users across the globe, then the Verisign trademark is displayed on the websites that are participating, and its security can be trusted by all persons and institutions. Researchers have also illustrated the notion that Verisign sells certificates that are provided digitally and can be used to attain a Verisign SSL seal when carrying out encrypted SSL sessions (Starbid & Palen, 2013).

Scholars have illustrated the concept that trust plays a major role in assuring users and clients that they can carry out their online transaction without any fear or hesitation. The seals provided by TRUSTe and Verisign have been widely known to be trusted for a long time. However, there are some new wave companies that have also been developed and they are trying to provide the same services as well as getting noticed by other institutions and users in various nations. Despite the efforts made by the company managers, it has always been understood that the Truste and the Verisign company services are the best across the globe. The services offered by the organization have been proved effective and can be applied in handling any issues related to security and electronic commerce. Their services have been adequately provided to ensure that there are improved levels of security despite the competition from the other organizations. Researchers have also explained the concept that the other new companies have developed security measures that only emulate the originality created by the Truste and the Verisign.


Publicly Available Tools to Assist in Disaster Planning and Recovery

Statement of the Problem

The study is aimed at analyzing the meta-site(s) so as to develop a clear understanding and explanation of the available tools to be used in disaster planning and recovery. Over the years, it has been ascertained that there are various organizations that have been established to assist in the disaster planning and recovery procedures (Dwyer & Horney, 2014). However, not all the companies can be regarded as effective and reliable, which has led to increased concern on the most important organization to consult. One of the meta-sites that have been essential is the INFOSYSSEC and will be analyzed in the study.

Significance of the Problem from the IT perspective

Disaster planning and recovery have been an issue of immense concern in the IT sector. Over the years, there have been cases where important data and information of organizations have been lost, and have led to adverse impacts on the organization progress and development. Despite the fact that some of the data might be available in some printed materials, it is always ascertained that the most important of all information gets lost. Therefore, the IT sector developed a study to analyze the problem and realized that the issue had caused more harm than good in diverse industries across the globe. There are stern measures that have been developed and implemented by the IT professionals to assist in making certain that the problem has been handled. However, in some cases, it has been found that the section has faced difficulty in recovering data, which has led to the introduction of new programs and systems to facilitate improved security and process towards retrieving all lost data and information (Thaw, 2013).

Impression of the site

The site has been used by many companies in the international market, and its impression is built by the words that advertise it. The words used for advertisement state that it provides “the most comprehensive computer and network security resource on the internet for communication System Security Professionals” (Rittinghouse & Ransome, 2016). From the statement, it is very evident that the site provides information on how procedures should be implemented when introducing security measures as well as handling computers in any organization. The site can be applied globally since technological applications are similar and most of the changes can also be adopted as they are being introduced (Elmadani, 2013).

The site provides various topics that redirect and individual to other sites that assist in solving various problems in the IT field. Some of the topics include MS issues ten security patches for October 2016; MS issues Four security patches for January 2017; Linux alters; Microsoft, OpenBSD Security and training courses among other services. Over the years, researchers have explained the notion that the site works effectively to assist in solving various IT problems faced by organizations including the system back-up and recovery

Solutions in the site

There are diverse solutions to problems provided on the site, which are mostly aimed at handling IT products and services. The IT problems that are faced by companies include data security and recovery as well planning. Various strategic options have been provided by the site on IS systems and recovery options. The site also provides network security resources that can be applied by security professionals across the globe (Muffels, 2014).

Most Feasible Solution

The most feasible solution provided by the site is based on how disaster planning and recovery can be implemented successfully. The problem has been ascertained to create a difficult environment for operation in diverse industries, especially when the recovery options are made towards the most significant data and information. The solution is most feasible as it helps in solving the most critical problem in the IT industry. Scholars have explained the notion that the key business operations are always matched against the appropriate speed of the strategy applied for recovery as well s the IT system applied. Considerations have also been implemented to the impact created by disaster planning and recovery by the site, which also entails IT procedures (Obringer, 2011).


Disaster planning and recovery have been a process that has been taken into keen consideration based on the impact created by the problem on the company operations. Despite the notion that there are solutions attained towards solving the issue, there are various sites that have been created to ensure that there is success and effectiveness of the operation. INFOSYSSEC is one of the sites that have been developed over the years with the aim of solving problems associated with computers and networks in an organization. There are various solutions that have been developed, but the most feasible solution is the one aimed at improving issues related to disaster planning and recovery. The solution has helped in solving various problems that have been considered of immense concern in various industries, as loss of data and information creates adverse impacts on the company.


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May 17, 2023

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