Strategic Analysis Of UTC Aerospace Systems

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UTC Aerospace Systems is among the globally largest suppliers of aerospace and defense products. The firm has its headquarters in Florida and has been in operation since 2012 when Hamilton Sundstrand, United Technologies Corporation, and Goodrich Corporation merged. Some of the services of the organization comprise designing, manufacturing, and offering servicing activities to the plane components (United Technologies n.p). However, the operations are organized into two segments that include control and sensing systems and the aircraft systems and power to aid focused production. The corporation succeeds in its activities following the influential mission and vision statements that encourages and guides the operations to achieving specific goals. The mission statement reads “UTC is committed to continuous improvement. We operate an extensive research program to identify innovations and technologies to enable us to improve the quality of our product relentlessly," And the vision read “We are responsive, results-oriented and push the boundaries of technology to deliver the best value to our customers.”   


UTC Aerospace Systems has a strong culture adopted from the earlier merged firms. This factor is vital for the operations of the company as well as guiding the employees to behave in a particular way that helps achieve the goals. Additionally, the firm is already a known brand, and that makes it easy to market worldwide as most of the target consumers already have an idea of what it offers (Farooq, Umer 2). The organization also have sufficient capital assets as well as funds to conduct its activities and also initiate research and new lines of operation or even expand to other territories. Also, the business has invested in employing a team of qualified employees who continuously survey the market and provide what meets the needs of the consumers. 

Best Practices

UTC Aerospace Systems has employed a range of practices that are meant to improve its service delivery and can be best practices.

The company uses adequate data-driven planning to conducts strategic planning as well as short-term plans that are meant to guide its operations and ensure that every goal is accomplished (Behdinan, Pop-Iliev, and Foster n.p).

The firm conducts continuous employee training and development that has contributed significantly towards the improvement of the quality of the services provided as well as retaining the customers (Behdinan, Pop-Iliev, and Foster n.p). There is a strong culture of accountability and transparency that allows the organization to manage its finances well and avoid high chances of loss of money through financial malpractices.

UTC Aerospace Systems has established an effective marketing team whose primary aim is to obtain information regarding what the consumer needs and provide the product design team. Therefore, the organization has been capable of meeting the requirements of the buyers. The firm has a research and development department that works on the reports from the marketers regarding what the consumer requires and how to provide what meets such needs (Ferrante et al. 140). Besides, they study the evolving technology to aid the adoption of relevant ways of doing things. There is also a system of employee reward in a place where the workers are appreciated through financial rewards and pleasant working environment to help keep them motivated to work and to minimize high influx rate that can lead to inconsistency in the quality of the services. 

Overall, UTC Aerospace Systems has set an inclusive set of best practices that range from obtaining facts about the consumer requirements, designing as per the exact specifications, and providing the resources and environment that fosters achievement of goals.

Future Forecast

In the future, the company seems to expand its operations to new territories to help meet the immediate needs of its suppliers worldwide. The eminent spread of operations to other parts of the work is essential as it is a way of cutting costs of transportation of services and being closer to the consumers. Moreover, it will enable the corporation to increase its presence in the market which is a proper way of conducting marketing. The firm is also likely to expand to offer additional services such as customized designs of systems to the customers. That way, the clients are not forced to purchase what is provided, but also ask for the specific features of what they require. The move will help the company to attract additional customers because of the ability to have the firm offer what they already researched, and feel can help grow their businesses.


Despite the already established range of best practices, the company should strive to employ the concept of total quality management. The application of this aspect to its activities will help define every process and find the best ways of minimizing the apparent wastes and making better the service delivery than the current mode of operation. Additionally, it is needful to expand the activities of the firm to new markets to help improve sales and increase the number of customers and sustainability.     

Notably, UTC Aerospace Systems is an aerospace systems manufacturer that has financial, personnel, operational, and research capabilities that are vital in achieving the success of organizations. Additionally, it has managed to employ corporate bets practices that range from research on consumer requirements, adequate operating actions, provision of a sustainable working environment, and well-managed marketing techniques. However, there is a need for the employment of the concept of total quality management and expansion into new markets.

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January 19, 2024

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