Emirates Airlines' Competitive Advantage: Its Source and Nature

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Emirates Airlines has maintained its competitiveness for many years by employing novel business strategies. This business model has enabled the well-known company to provide high-quality products and services at a reasonable price in the market. Furthermore, the business model supports extended flights, allowing it to provide the most extensive flight coverage. To preserve their competitive advantage, Emirates Airlines has five approaches to position their products and services in the international market (Mouawad n.p).

Emirates Airlines has distinguished itself from competition by offering more modern services. For example, they have been able to leverage cutting-edge technology, such as e-ticketing, to boost their competitiveness.  As a result, they gain a competitive advantage over other companies (Vespermann 390).

Obtaining a strong brand name

The firm concentrates on establishing a strong brand name and customer loyalty through the provision of quality services. They have been able to achieve customer loyalty through their promotional offers.


The company seeks to establish alliances with different companies. This step has enabled them to share different resources with other highly reputed firms such as American airlines. Furthermore, it has led to the establishment of sustained networks which allows proper business relations. Through alliances, Emirates have developed other route networks that have placed them in a more competitive window.

Relationship with supplier

Suppliers are key figures in building long-term and reliable contracts with the firm. Such contracts usually benefit the company as it is a guarantee and security of the price strategy changes. Emirates have ensured that all their suppliers are well catered and considered (Grundy n.p). Through this, they have had a reliable stream of suppliers over the years.

Focus on new market segments

Emirates airlines also focus on creating new market segments that help upcoming firms. For instance, it is responsible for providing various training facilities to Qatar airways using the most modern equipment (Demil and Xavier 230). Such developments increase the company’s competitiveness and create awareness both regionally and internationally.

In summary, Emirates airlines have been able to overcome its weaknesses and ensured that they maintained a competitive advantage in the market. Also, they have a significant global market appearance due to their quality service delivery.

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