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English 101 has been a class that has thrilled and intrigued me in many ways during the semester. However, what I've found about writing is that it's a normal process, and I do whatever I can to obey the laws of that procedure. What I'm attempting to demonstrate here is that my writing has progressed steadily over the semester by using strategies that enable me to exert power over natural processes. At the start of the year, my writing was quite poor, I was not obtained the good grades that I have been desiring in any of the essay that I authored. Mainly, I needed help in areas like establishing my opinions and writing them in order, using run on sentences that was persistent throughout my essay and Using the correct formatting styles just to mention a few.

One important techniques that I have been having a problem with is to clearly Identify a strong thesis. For instance, In the Semi-final essay, I was not able to come up with clear thesis; when writing the thesis, I had only the idea in my head. My essay “What I am Like now moment” entailed description of a day when I alarmed a man with exhaust sound of my motor bike: When the motor Bike started the sound of the exhaust pipe was loud and it scared a man. I felt ashamed and embarrassed as I rode out the parking lot. Instantly I sold the bike, it did not conveyed that I am changed. While authoring the argument essay I was required to elaborate clear thesis for the respective article which was comparing so that so that I compare them properly. Then I applied this to the narrative, defining my thesis as “I rode motor bike irresponsibly and I done because I became more responsible”. Then I changed what I am like now moment, to my observation of motor biker riding on a freeway: “”

October 25, 2022

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