Essay on Architectural Development

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Development of Science and Technology

Development of science and technology has brought a massive change in all the aspects of life. Through technology, the field of architecture has developed from its traditional ways to modern ways.

History of Design

From the history of design, there is a bright exhibit of how it has been incorporated with time thus becoming complex. This development has brought change to all the spheres in the world. It has changed the way of living for many people. Thus they can gain by issues like improved living standards, infrastructure, and more so right urban management. In this paper, more will be discussed on how the change has manifested during the period and affected people's life.

Change in Architecture

Architecture has changed with time. In the past half of the 20th century, there was development of new ways through which design could be done. The change involved the use of glass in buildings, use of steel, and reinforced concrete (Relph, 2016). This development was achieved just after the Second World War where new ways of technology in construction were developed. Before 1960, buildings were made in a rectangular shape with straight lines. However, after 1960, architects were now able to construct buildings of any curve. The change was made effective by new inventions or modification in materials being used in engineering; the building structures were now stronger, lighter and taller. After the industrial revolution which took place in the late 19th century, the construction industry was able to come up with the first glass and metal curtain wall. In the late 19th, they were able to come up with the first steel-framed skyscraper, a ten-story building.

Scientific Inventions

Scientific inventions brought architecture to reality. For instance, invention of a safety elevator brought the art of building to another level. It made it possible to have a tall building. With the use of electricity in the same, architects could now be able to work with the reduced risk of using gas which was known of causing a fire. The two inventions ensured that there was still more modernity to be expected in the field of architecture. Architects were set in the liberty of experimenting new forms of structures with the use of new materials and techniques. Reinforced concrete was one of the materials used to bring change in the art since it could be easily shaped to modern design and shape without the use of supporting pillars (Frampton & Futagawa, 1983). They now replaced the use of stone and bricks as the primary material for the modernist architecture. Designers were now able to decorate the buildings with new arts and experience in designing. There was no longer one way left to do things, every architect aimed at becoming a hero in his/her own way by coming up with a new design. In Germany architects decided to join hands to ensure that they came up with a new plan, and to improve on the quality of products, this yielded to good fruits where they were able to incorporate their knowledge and develop beautiful structures.

Growth in the Field of Architecture

Growth in the field of architecture has brought advancement in the change of things in the world. The abled architects have improved the life of people in many ways. There has been the new look of things as a result of the new designs developed by the architects. They have also made it possible to have a solution in the urban planning which an issue especially in the third world countries because of the limited space hence making them build tall buildings. Through their restless efforts, they have improved the infrastructure all over the world thus enhancing economic activities to take place in all areas. Issues like the development of slums have been problems in some countries, but today they have been brought to an end by the new ways of construction (Barth, 1982). Use of glass in buildings has been a unique progress in the history of architecture thus making our environment beautiful and conducive to stay. There has been a change in the living standards in that architects have designed houses in a way that it is self-contained. They have all the necessary facilities to ensure the satisfaction of people.


In conclusion, it has taken the time and effort of designers to reach where we are today. The advancement in technology up to today has made it possible for it to make a significant impact in changing the lives of people (Heynen, 1999). Development in this field has not ceased since the technology and science are still growing. The total growth can be related to more research that is being done and hence it's a fact that the development will continue. We acknowledge that today's living standards reflect the past and how it has been through the given efforts of the architects. As the technology advances, there is also advancement in the art of building.


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