Frank Sinatra

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Sinatra, whose biography is of interest to many, thanks to his artistic talent has become a true symbol of the United States and the brightest star of this country for many years. His vocal career began in the 1940s and before its decline reached such a height that even during the life of the singer was recognized as a true classic of American musical culture. It was considered a standard of style and taste. His excited voice was heard from all the radios of the vast country. That is why after the death of the great artist, his songs entered the history of the United States and the world music industry in general. Some might not enjoy Sinatra’s style or his music, yet one thing cannot be doubted at all, Sinatra remains the most charismatic music performer even today.

Early Life

Frank Sinatra was born into a family of immigrants from Italy. The artist's mother and father moved to the United States in his youth. Together with their simple treasure, they settled on the east coast of America and began a new life. Frank's father, Martin, was a native of Sicily and during his life tried many professions working as a bartender, firefighter, shipbuilder, and even for some time a ring boxer (Kelley 20). While Frank retained a close relationship with his father, it was Sinatra’s mother who managed to become a true inspiration for the future singer.

The mother of the future artist, Dolly, was extremely energetic and determined, she made all the important decisions in the family. This woman was more involved in social and political work than housekeeping and often left Frank with his grandmother. Raising her son, Dolly decided to build her own career and took the post of head of the city branch of the Democratic Party (Kelley 18-19). Dolly’s active personality and extreme enthusiasm toward everything she did inspired Frank and developed his self-confidence in later life.

Career and Fame

The real success came to our hero only in the early 1940s. At the time, he often performed with the jazz orchestras of Tommy Dorsey and Harry James. During this period he managed to attract the attention of famous figures of American culture. In 1946, Frank Sinatra recorded his debut album, The Voice of Frank Sinatra. A year later he released another album Christmas Songs by Sinatra. The singer signed a lifelong contract with Tommy Dorsey, and this could determine his artistic destiny for many years. The famous criminal authority, Sam Giancana, helped him get out of his predicament. This episode was described in detail in the novel The Godfather. It is believed that one of his heroes, Johnny Fontaine, was written off of Frank Sinatra (Freedland 126). Despite even having such plain criminal ties, Sinatra did not lose his reputation largely owed to his charisma and musical talent that kept him popular no matter what kind of contract he was involved in.

The artist’s business was going very well, but at some point, his career began to crumble. The fact is that Frank’s marital relationship with longtime lover Nancy Barbato broke up because of his affair with actress Ava Gardner. This affair with the Hollywood star soon escalated into a large-scale scandal. Because of this, the artist's concerts in the most famous city in America, New York, were canceled. After that, Frank fell into a long depression, which led to his departure from the radio. To top it all off, in 1951, the performer suddenly lost his voice due to a prolonged cold. However, later, the performer turned his attention to cinema and in 1953 he played one of the roles in the film From Now on and Forever. For this work, Sinatra won an Oscar and was named best supporting actor (Kelley 189-192). Even though he got into a serious scandal that damaged his career, after all, he still managed to redirect his talent and charisma to regain popularity and get back on track.

From this event, the life of Frank Sinatra began to return to the old way. The voice eventually restored, and Sinatra began working in the studio again. The artist's music albums began to be released one after another. And after a while, fans of the talent of the famous singer were able to regularly follow his performance on the screen. In eleven years (from 1954 to 1980) he starred in six dozen films by Frank Sinatra. He became a recognized national hero of his time (“Frank Sinatra”). The charisma of Frank Sinatra, thus, served him well for the rest of his life. Even after death, Sinatra is viewed as a classy icon and serves as a symbol of jazz until the present day.


The peak of his career might have occurred a long time ago but it is still safe to say that Frank Sinatra remains popular enough to this day. Largely owed to his charismatic personality and his enormous talent, Sinatra became a national hero that is still widely recognized. And although he did not write any jazz songs in his life, he managed to make jazz look stylish and classy. This image remains relevant to this day.

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May 12, 2022

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