Essay on Modernistic Architecture

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Development goes hand in hand with an appreciation of technology by the parties involved.  This technology is backed up by science as it involves innovations and a belief in your hard work that it will definitely yield the required results.  An individual who has embraced technology in his/her work will have the society feeling its impact either politically, culturally, economically or socially.  These changes are discussed below pertaining to the changes that occurred during the early twentieth century with regard to the modernistic architecture.  The roles that these structures played as well as the influence it has had on the structures present are indicated clearly.

Our guideline to illustrate the developments involving technology backed up by the belief is the modernist architecture.  The technology in hand was as a result of an industrial revolution that took place at that moment which led to the emergence of industries.  The modernist architectures were built in the early 20th century.  They can be described as being crude and simplistic but nevertheless, some have produced several masterworks that are considered today by several as outstanding.  Examples of this modernist architecture include the Guggenheim Museum in New York that was built by Frank Lloyd Wright who we are told he followed a philosophy of organic structure.  This building with an interior space and spiral-like ramp has attracted many visitors enabling the presentation of the modern art.  This lead to the growth of sales made by those who showcased their products.  This museum was opened in 1959.  Another example is the Barcelona pavilion In Spain which was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.  The building was used for the purposes of German exhibition.  The building was identified by its simple forms and the use of materials that were considered extravagant.  These materials included travertine, red onyx, and marble.  The same materials can be used to build prestigious furniture’s and it has inspired buildings that are built today.  People started to appreciate these developments and begun to come and exhibit their products in these buildings.  The industrial revolution brought about the emergence of industries and this has led to several persons moving to the urban centers from their rural areas.  This has led to the rise of crimes in these cities.  This change of behavior affects the society economically and culturally.  Nevertheless, through the modernistic architecture, cities have been developed promoting the development economic wise, politically, socially etc. Furthermore, it has led to the emergence of a new culture amongst those who moved to the city.


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