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In this situation, the first policy that will reflect the organization's culture and ethical standpoint will be to provide employees with benefits that are commensurate with their contributions to the company. Workers play an important role in helping an organization achieve its goals, therefore failing to compensate them fairly is unacceptable. The second policy will involve initiatives that foster positive relationships between society and the company. Dellberg city inhabitants expect the organization to engage in activities that improve their well-being. As a result, declining to participate in these activities causes society to perceive the corporation as not being socially responsible. The third policy, in this case, will be providing reasonable working hours and valuing staffs of all kinds. Employees get satisfaction from being compensated for not only the work they undertake but also for the hours they spend in completing their assigned tasks. Therefore, failing to meet their expectations is wrong and can make an organization to experience workforce issues

These policies will be fundamental in getting away with the barriers that affect this organization. Based on the fact that TechFite is a new company in a foreign country, various cultural aspects may impact its operation. Employing these policies will assist the management to have shared assumptions, beliefs, and values. For example, implementing policies which build a positive relationship with the society such as corporate social responsibility (SCR) will make the organization to incorporate the social expectations in its operations, hence improving not only relationship but also establishing shared assumptions and values. Treating employees fairly by providing them with fair working hours, reasonable salaries and benefits, as well as valuing senior, junior and subordinate staff will make the company to experience better workforce.

There is a difference between ethical and legal issues. Ethical issues are mostly based on human principles of whether a particular activity is right or wrong. An ethical issue can be based on moral standards that individuals or organizations choose between options that can be termed as right or wrong. Ethical issues raise questions of virtues and are often based on individual’s sense of knowing what is right or wrong. An example of ethical issue is considering whether an employee will be able to maintain him or herself after being fired from an organization. On the other hand, legal issues are based on written laws. Legal issue arises because of in-adherence or failing to comply with the principles of law. An example of a legal issue in an organization may be failing to meet the legal requirements which regulate businesses such as paying taxes.

From this scenario, there are various ethical issues presented. First, there is misuse of resources because the excessive bonuses are being paid out to the top executives. Using resources for the benefits of the most powerful is unethical because other employees play a crucial role in making the organization to undertake its day to day activities. Employees dedicate their efforts to make an organization meet its goals and therefore deserves proper compensation. Making commitments to sponsor community events, support local youth leadership development programs and to invest in infrastructure to assist in rebuilding the city of Dellberg and failing to do so is unethical because organizations must fulfill their promises to the society for a positive relationship to occur. Other ethical issues presented in this case is having budgeting processes that constrain compensating full-time employees.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a self-regulatory mechanism which organizations integrate into their business model. The key purpose of integrating CSR in business model is to monitor and ensure the firm complies with ethical standards, law and international norms. This policy assist organizations to engage in activities which preserve environment and improve the well-being of employees, customers, communities, and other stakeholders. CSR applies to this scenario in the fact that the management has realized the importance of community involvement, and given various promises to improve the well-being of the society.

The ethical desirability of promoting the well-being of the community can play a significant role in improving the company’s reputation. When managers encourage activities that make all stakeholders to feel the company is socially responsible in its operations, it develops a positive relationship with the society, hence attracting more customers and potential employees when job vacancies arise. From this case, TechFite promised some things that can make it to improve its reputation but failed to actualize its plans. For example, it has promised to improve infrastructure, sponsor various community events and to support local youth developments but none of the promises was addressed or funded.

There are various ethically, socially and environmentally responsible course of actions that the management can use to address each of the promises it has made to the society. For example, it should plan to use some of its resources in constructing roads around the city. This will aid in transporting people and products from one place to the other. The management can also direct some of its funds towards sponsoring community events such as unblocking drainage, cleaning streets, and so forth. To make the society understand the company’s commitment towards environmental preservation, the management should not only sponsor these activities but also include its employees in undertaking some of them. Based on the fact that the youth is affected by various aspects such as drug abuse and unemployment, the company should actively play a role in promoting programs that improve their wellbeing. These can people through funding programs such as youth funds, sports, guidance, and counseling among others.

These course of actions are ethically, socially and environmentally responsible because they will make the TechFite to satisfy what it has promised Dellberg city council, assist the management in establishing a positive relationship with the society, and aid in making the company to engage in activities that can preserve the environment. Implementing what the company had promised the city council will play a significant role in establishing a positive relationship with the society. It is will also assist in making the society to view the company as one which is committed to improving the well-being of people who live in the city. These course of actions will not only portray TechFite as socially responsible but also ethically responsible because saying and failing to implement promises makes the society to view an organization as one which does not engage in ethical activities. The fact that these course of actions include policies that are aimed at preserving environment will make the society to recognize the organization as environmentally responsible.

May 24, 2023
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