Flute Studio Recital

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Flute Studio Recital

On November 14, 2018, I attended a Flute Studio Recital at the local hall. The program consisted of short sight-reading pieces from the Paris Conservatoire performed by young flutists with an accompaniment of the piano. The program is usually conducted on an annual basis as a way of empowering the young talent in the music. The piano that was played matched with the sounds of the flutists. The concert brought together various stakeholders from the learning institutions and other agencies. It was a captivating concert that was carried out at the local hall as the performers offered a variety of piano displays, opera, and other actions.

Activities at the Concert

At the concert, there were numerous activities which I liked the most. For instance, the young flutists at the hall incorporated an exclusive style of compositing their items. The involved the kind of movements that were different from what the solo flutist could display. During the presentation, performers included the Allegro maestro and Tempo di Minuetto. The movements matched with the ascending and descending sound which was produced by the flutists. Therefore, the actions of these performers together with their well-composed sound moved emotions of the crowd at the recital. Besides, the sound of a piano that was used helped in covering each note in the Paris Conservatoire Orchestra. Its sound was harmonized with the minimum note of both bassoons to the maximum note that was played at the hall thus making it appear thrilling to me.

Short Sight-Reading Pieces from the Paris Conservatoire

Furthermore, I liked the short sight-reading pieces from the Paris Conservatoire as they were clear. Their main theme tune was somewhat lyrical and beguiling. For example, the Allegro maestro actions from the crew were in line with the adjusted sonata presentation. The movement could allow both the solo and the orchestra to present their items based on the sound of a piano. More so, the short sight-reading pieces from the Paris Conservatoire performed by young flutists made it possible to incorporate both the classical and modern music at the concert. Thus, it was an exciting event as it used unique presentation tactics by the performers.

Challenges at the Concert

However, some items were challenging to listen to during the concert. At first, it was difficult to distinguish the sound of flutes such as piccolo, tenor, bass, alto, and that of the contrabass. It needed more keenness to identify which sound was being produced. Besides, listening to the three octaves from the typical flute was not easy. I could not know how the piano player was able to respond on the three octaves that were produced by the flute.

Also, it was challenging to differentiate between the solo and the group pieces since each piece was being harmonized as one item. There was no apparent confusion from the Flute Studio Recital event since each performer was conscious of not making faults. Furthermore, I could hardly identify the kind of song that was played using the flute and the piano as I had occasionally listened to such presentations. However, it required much consideration to understand the pieces.


In summary, articles which encompass flutes and piano are rare in most institutions. Hence, it is the role of the artists to embrace this culture that was in existence since 1873. Flutes and pianos are forms of entertainment that have advanced due to improvement in technology. Thus, the solos and the orchestra must consider the rules of playing flutes during various concerts.

October 05, 2023

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