Speech of the General Manager

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Part 1

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted to see you all today. Thank you for making yourself available for this important meeting. My name is Martin Luke; my friends call me Mart sometimes, the general manager of this organisation. I am a business administrator by profession and I am here to talk and enlighten you on an important issue that affects us as an organization. Our company takes pride in providing the best customer service since our first day of establishment and the positive image that our employees show as the representatives of the organization. In the past months, nonetheless, we have undergone relatively lower sales as opposed to other months. Our profit margins have drastically fallen, and revenues. Hence, the benefits previously enjoyed by employees will be gone to reduce firm's expenses. According to an internal audit, the poor performance is attributed to inefficient communication management, which has resulted in misunderstandings between the company and its customers. The organization has done a survey to determine the cause of the problem by providing suggestion boxes at specific locations within the company and its environs (Fielding, 2006). In addition, a task force was created to compile and table its conclusions on the relationship between the performance of the organization and effective communication.

Through effective communication, happy customers become loyal to the company. Moreover, they often develop into repeat or lifetime clients. Therefore, I urge all employees working at customer care desks to ensure they effectively engage with clients regardless of their physical appearances, age, color, or financial status. Furthermore, it is essential to remember that the customer is always right.

Free and efficient communications between employees and employers promote creativity and innovation in the work place. Creativity and innovation are the only two directions the company should focus on to remain relevant with the changing technological and market dynamics. The management has provided an upward and direct channel of communication to enable fast processing of ideas generated by employees. All ideas are taken seriously, and there is a reward for a brilliant idea.

Moreover, effective communication within the organization will not only ensure smooth flow of operations but the formation of an effective team as well. Eventually, people who share a common goal have a higher chance to succeed. Thus, let all employees incorporate effective communication into their day-to-day activities. Each employee has a role to play in the success or failure of the organization. Therefore, I welcome all suggestions and compliments regarding this meeting in my office. Thank you all for attending.

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Part 2

Evidentially, speech is effective in delivering the intended message since many benefits can be derived from this form of communication. Moreover, speech develops a good relationship between the speaker and the audience. However, a good one should be prepared properly according to the level of the intended audience so that any person could understand the message with ease. For example, I used the sell/tell style to let the employees know their failures as per an evaluation so they could accept and correct their mistakes following my guidelines.

Furthermore, the sell/tell technique helped bring changes to the firm improving its market performance. The company commended me for my excellent work, and I have embarked on studying other aspects of communication, such as the components of the speech as well as various ways to keep the audience keen and attentive throughout a speech (Ross, 2010).

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Fielding , M. (2006). Effective communication in organizations. Juta and Company.

Ross, R. S. (2010). Speech communication: Fundamentals of practie. Prentice -Hall.

April 20, 2021

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