Germany in World War 1

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Germany's Role in World War 1

Germany is not solely responsible for World War 1. On the contrary, the war was a natural response to the destabilization of the European power balance.

The Prelude to World War 1

According to Ralph Raico, the prelude to World War 1 could be traced back to the Unification of Prussian territories under Otto von Bismarck, ambitious armament of Prussia, and defeat of France in the Franco-Prussian War in 1871, consequently challenging French and British domination in Europe. To preserve the new status, Bismarck signed treaties with "Russia, Austria-Hungary, and Italy". However, in 1890, Wilhelm II refused to renew the agreement with Russia, forcing Russia to sign the Franco-Russian military treaty to respond to the slightest sign of aggression by Germany and her allies.

The Formation of the Triple Entente

In 1913, France and Britain transformed the Anglo-French entente into a military alliance following the Moroccan crisis. Consequently, the Triple Entente was born, composed of France, Russia, and Britain. Italy joined the aggression in Africa by successfully invading Libya, a Turkish territory, setting a precedence for Balkan states to rebel against the weakened Turkey. Serbia emerged from the Balkan War as a powerful state with the support of Russia. In 1914, France supported the formation of the Balkan League advocated by Russia. Therefore, an attack on Serbia by Austria-Hungary with the support of Germany meant an attack on the Triple Entente.

Impact of Woodrow Wilson's Policies

President of the United States Woodrow Wilson believed in Moral Diplomacy. Germany adopted unrestricted submarine warfare, causing the US to end ties with Germany. Shortly after, a German U-boat sunk the US Housatonic ship, forcing the US to declare war on Germany. World War 1 ended with the Treaty of Versailles. Germany accepted to pay for the damages of the war. However, Germans were unhappy with the huge fines. The World War 2 was therefore a rebellion against the harsh punishment imposed on Germany.

November 24, 2023

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World War I

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