Greek Revival Style

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The Greek Revival, popularly acknowledged as Greek Revival Style refers to the kind of building that embraces Greek culture and way of constructing in which the buildings look like a temple. From the time of its discovery, the Greek revival did not acquire much attention until 1820 when the Philadelphia public constructions came to be constructed in the same manner. As a result, the fashion developed into two variations in which one of the variations is the “temple” while the different replicates the modest but simple Greek rectangular building complemented through several embellishments. Of the two variations, the “temple” style is the most common inside America especially after the establishment of the American Greek Revival.

Its symmetrical shape with low roof lines characterizes the Greek revival style besides the pediments and columns. The features are essential in a manner that they make the building look like a Greek Temple. It is the mimicking the look of the Greek temple that the Americans find the style as an embodiment of democracy concept and therefore, between 1830 and 1850, almost every private and the public building had some elements of Greek Revival (Crook 5).

Furthermore, the style has such characteristics as pilasters, a porch entry, friezes and cornices that can be either plain or decorated, and chimneys placed to the farthest back making the home resemble the real Greek temple. Besides, the Greek Homes were built to replicate the marble look, and therefore they would usually be painted white. Also, such buildings are constructed with either the columns or pilasters or at times both (Crook 10). To sum up, the Greek revival can be thought of as a representation of the architectural heritage of many societies besides the perfection of the community.

Work Cited

Crook, Joseph Mordaunt. The Greek Revival. Country Life Books, 1968.

May 04, 2022

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