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185 views 8 pages ~ 2116 words
Religion in Athens Essay

Similar to Greek and Christian religion, Athens' religion was a complicated system of rituals and beliefs about gods tha...

169 views 5 pages ~ 1216 words
Relevance of the Iliad and Lysistrata in ancient Greece

The variety and veracity of the ancient Greek tales serve to further illustrate the diversity and richness of the ancien...

174 views 7 pages ~ 1800 words

Arguments and discussions about sexuality-related topics are widespread. Sexual issues have long been a major source of ...

200 views 6 pages ~ 1501 words
Alexander the Great Essay

Alexander the Great is regarded by many academics as one of history's best military leaders. His father, King Phillip th...

261 views 11 pages ~ 2888 words
Democracy in Periclean Athens

Athens rose to prominence as the de facto ruler of the Greek city states during the Periclean era. Athens also experienc...

207 views 6 pages ~ 1441 words
Roman and Greek civilizations

Without discussing the Greek and Roman civilizations, there is no history. The past that laid the groundwork for the mod...

148 views 11 pages ~ 2770 words
The function of envy, jealousy, and retaliation in Herodotus' histories

Greek scholar Herodotus was a keeper of information who kept records of events around the globe. He carried many stories...

87 views 2 pages ~ 433 words

This Roman equivalent of the Greek divinity Zeus was regarded as the supreme deity in the Roman pantheon. As the state's...

155 views 13 pages ~ 3535 words
The myth of Cupid and Psyche

True love is portrayed in the fable of Cupid and Psyche, which is a very captivating tale. Psyche and Cupid both refer t...

141 views 5 pages ~ 1281 words
Nursing research: ethics, consent and good practice

Ethics are the rules for behavior in society that discriminate between what is wrong and what is right, and hence distin...

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