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Democracy in Periclean Athens

Athens rose to prominence as the de facto ruler of the Greek city states during the Periclean era. Athens also experienc...

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Athens Essay

One of the most prosperous city-states in all of Ancient Greece was Athens. Foreigners are welcome to reside in Athens a...

122 views 3 pages ~ 563 words
The achievements of the Athenians

The achievements of the Athenians, according to Lakeoff and Sanford (40), still have an effect on contemporary society. ...

81 views 6 pages ~ 1405 words
A story of Glaucus of Sparta

The Spartans tell the Athenians a tale about Glaucus of Sparta in book six, chapter 86. Leotychides recounts the tale to...

94 views 6 pages ~ 1504 words
The Parthenon

The goddess of Athens was honored in the Greek temple known as the Parthenon. Between 447 and 432 BC, the old temple was...

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Comparison Ancient Athens and Sparta: Politically and Militarily

The Athenian and Spartan society shared several aspects in common and the same time had distinct outstanding differences...

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