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Harrods holdings

The business runs the popular department store Harrods, which is situated on the Knight's Bridge, London, as one of the ...

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Listening to classical orchesta music in London

I attended the opening show of the 10-day orchestra nights presented by Barbican. The event started on Thursday, Septemb...

301 views 3 pages ~ 781 words
The History of Jarrow March

Jarrow is referred to as Gyruum in 750 and is now connected by two tunnels to the north bank of the Tyne and is part of the Tyne and Wear underg...

578 views 8 pages ~ 2597 words
Tudor and Stuard: Assess the condemnation of Anne Boleyn

The 16th century was marked by the public beheading of Anne Boleyn at the London Towers. She was the first queen who got beheaded publicly in th...

84 views 9 pages ~ 2382 words
Philosopher and statesman, Francis Bacon was born in 1562 in London

Francis Bacon, a philosopher, and statesman was born in London in 1562. His father's second wife was a chef, and he serv...

153 views 9 pages ~ 2387 words
Francis Bacon (Of Revenge)

Francis Bacon, a philosopher, and statesman were born in London in 1562. His father's second wife was a chef, and he wor...

103 views 15 pages ~ 4119 words
Chai business plan

The Chai is preoccupied with selling tea, coffee, other drinks, and snacks in London by pleasing people's tradition of c...

281 views 9 pages ~ 2387 words
East Midlands Trains

East Midlands Trains is a long-distance railway company in the United Kingdom. The trains transport people through Londo...

281 views 2 pages ~ 425 words
the BBQ van

The BBQ Van will work in the leisure and hospitality industries. The leisure industry in London is expanding, creating p...

118 views 2 pages ~ 307 words
An Understanding of Architecture

It was much easier to understand architecture if you really saw the grand structures in person rather than just in books...

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