Halloween and American Pop Culture

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The BackStory website reveals analyzes the positive way through which Americans transgress community norms in society and make fun of the existence of ghosts in a friendly manner. Americans make use of the family concept to celebrate the historical ideas concerning the involvement of supernatural spirits in society. Supernatural in the ancient American culture impacted the lives of individuals both positively and negatively. The ghosts haunted people in society and also protected the lives of their loved ones.

Evolution of Supernatural in American History

The fascination of ghosts in American culture has interacted with other historical trends that associate ghosts with the occurrence of death. The existence of supernatural beings has been associated with the creation of fear and evil in society. Witches and ghosts have been portrayed in the books of history as creatures associated with a bad omen (BackStory). The evil attribution of ghosts enabled the supernatural to be used in scary story books primarily written for the children population. However, the role of supernatural further evolved and became comic that associated supernatural as creatures with powers and have different impacts on society.

Contemporary American Pop Culture and Modern Halloween

The contemporary American pop culture has embraced the existence of ghosts and supernatural creatures in society. The pop culture tries to imitate supernatural because they admire the qualities of these spirits and acknowledge the different roles played by these creatures (BackStory). The embrace of the supernatural spirits led to the development of the Halloween holiday when Americans make fun of the qualities of ghosts by dressing in costumes that resemble some famous supernatural spirits and icons in the society. The modern pop culture understands the existence of death as the ultimate fate of every individual and therefore make fun of the close association that exists between death and ghosts.

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November 24, 2023

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