Tourist Attractions in Hawaii

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We shall travel from Miami International Airport in Miami, FL aboard United Airlines.

We shall make a stopover at Denver before connecting to Kauai Airport in Hawaii. The flight shall take up to an approximate fourteen hours. After arrival at Kauai Airport, we shall use a taxi to move to our holiday destination, Princeville Resort. Our return journey will be using a cab from Princeville Resort to Kauai Airport. By the end of our two weeks holiday, we shall board a flight at Kauai Airport back to Miami International Airport with a stopover at Denver.

Activities during the Tour

The destination has many activities that tourists can engage in while on their tour. We shall commence with an adventure of the serene environment of the island. One of the features that attract tourists to Hawaii Islands is the tranquil, ecstatic, captivation environment with its natural beauty of green vegetation, and a beautiful landscape. We shall take an off-road tour to enable us to view the island's beautiful scenery and fascinating facilities at Princeville. A private horseback riding is a favourite among visitors to Princeville. A horse ride experience around Princeville Ranch will complement our off-road tour. We shall play golf at the magnificent and green Kaua'i golf course (Princeville at Hanalei, 2018).

The most interesting of all the tour activities, I guess, would be the zip lines that would enable us to experience the waterfall, forest, ocean, and valleys that make up the scenery of the resort (Princeville at Hanalei, 2018). The tour would be incomplete without us hiking up the valleys. We go sightseeing and participate in zip 'n' dip activities. We shall sunbathe during the mornings while watching the sun rising over the hills and trees. Finally, we shall have a sunset dinner at the Westin Princeville Ocean Resort.


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September 04, 2023


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