High Blood Pressure Should Be Considered a Cultural Problem

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High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is typically a straightforward medical condition to manage and find an appropriate and dependable way to monitor in the early stages. Patients and doctors, on the other hand, have been indifferent to their behavior and response to battling high blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the most prevalent health conditions in the United States, claiming thousands of lives each year. 70% of patients with elevated blood pressure are undiagnosed, and others are also out of control. Out of three adults, one is having high blood pressure meaning there are 73 million citizens of the united states having high blood pressure (Siu 791). Cardiologists argue that as a human being gets old, their blood vessels start to stiffen and comes resistant to the smooth flow of blood in the vessels hence the heart is forced to pump harder to overcome the resistance.

The pressure may build up in the blood vessel to extreme amounts that could not be sustained hence the blood vessel may burst to lead to serious medical conditions such as heart failure or stroke. A large population of the of the African Americans compared to whites in America are associated with higher and serious cases of blood pressure conditions which are assumed to be promoted by lack of proper medication. High blood pressure is a common health disorder in the united states of America that is continuing to course serious disease conditions like stroke and heart failures plus increased morbidity among most of the African Americans in the united states. Courses of high blood pressures and control of high blood pressure at its initial stages is usually a very easy and manageable task of proper lifestyle management which basically ignored by the American people especially the African Americans (Siu 779). Thus, giving a clear indication that high blood pressure prevalence and management is more of a cultural problem especially in the united states where it is a serious health problem that is killing many Americans simply because it does not show any signs and symptoms.

Despite the fact that high blood pressure can be managed or prevented by typically having self-control over your lifestyle, many Americans are ignorant and reluctant to take a keen look at their self-health care behaviors. The beliefs and attitudes of the African American who is the most affected group towards the high blood pressure are less known, but this knowledge would be of more benefit to health care professionals. The knowledge can be internalized and used in the proper intervention and formulation or proposal of an effective measures that is substantial and reliable towards reducing the disparity of high blood pressure in the united states of America (Allen et al. 491). Study of high blood pressure prevalence concerning ethnic groups in the united states shows disparity from one ethnic group to the other with African American recording the highest prevalence of about 33.5% hence high blood pressure is more of a cultural problem.

Currently, over 70% of the high blood pressure patient in America may have been well diagnosed, but their blood pressure has not yet been controlled or managed to standard or normal range. The cause of high level of disparity regarding the black and whites in the united states of America is not genetically based on thought by many people rather is it biological. However, it can be related to socio-environmental factors and individuals’ lifestyle because high blood pressure is more of a cultural problem tied to attitudes and beliefs of a given ethnicity. The good thing about culture is that it is prone to manipulation and can be managed and twisted to fit and please a given ethnic group and minimize all the dislikes and negatives that come with self-care management (Allen et al. 493). Management of culture regarding the willingness and ability to have self-control over cultural beliefs and attitudes can assist in managing and reducing the cases of blood pressure in the united states of America independent of the ethnic group.

High blood pressure is, in fact, an easy and manageable condition that requires personal urge and commitment towards modification of an individual’s lifestyle. Cultural behaviors or practices and conditions that are associated with high blood pressure and can be controlled by self-care practices includes a diet full of sodium and saturated fats, smoking tobacco, excessive consumption of alcohol, zero physical activities and zero interest in controlling the body weight. An individual who is ignorant and reluctant to check and manage his or her lifestyle is either having blood pressure or will have high blood pressure because of the degree of proneness that the individual has exposed himself or herself to developing the condition (Allen et al. 495). One can decide to seek consultation with the doctor if he or she already has high blood pressure. However, for an individual who is having a normal flow of blood can take a self-initiative to control and manage their lifestyle by first sticking to the DASH eating plan which is simply the dietary approaches to stop high blood pressure.

One should eat food with less fat especially saturated fats, but more of whole grain and vegetable accompanies with fresh fruits. One should abstain or limit themselves to the amount of alcohol consumption because of the high risk of developing high blood pressure. In some cultural practices, alcohol cannot miss in any occasion or event including birthday parties. Today many youths become addicts of alcohol at a very young age because they are exposed to many brands of alcohol which they can easily access at any time. They may fail to understand the negative part of abusing alcohol because they learn from their elders and guardians who openly take excess alcohol without thinking on the influence they are creating to the community (Go et al. 882). Alcohol has lowered the life spun of many youths because they are exposed to excessive consumption of alcohol which interferes with their body systems hence leading to health complications such as the liver cirrhosis and the high blood pressure that is the second leading cause of death in the united states of America after tobacco.

An individual can consult a dietitian in case of any doubt and also stay healthy without abandoning your favorite meals or cultural practices. An individual should try to limit the amount of salt intake especially the blacks who are highly sensitive to salt thus it is very important to watch the amount of salt in every meal. Mostly the common sources of sodium are the sodium in already processed foods and the table salts hence the concentration should be moderate to prevent excessive accumulation of sodium in the body which can lead to the development of high blood pressure (Rose et al. 590). The weight of an individual is also important in prevention and control of high blood pressure. It is obvious that individuals who are overweight are prone to developing high blood pressure because the heart is forced to use excess energy to pump blood to all parts of the body. There are some cultures where physical exercise plus engaging in physical activities is the order of the day hence such a community can never encounter cases of high blood pressure.

In many cultures, people are encouraged to join or participate in activities such as sports to ensure they are physically fit because exercise promotes a free and efficient flow of blood thus reducing the probability of developing high blood pressure. Weight loss is usually a gradual process that is achievable under a programmed schedule of physical exercise integrated with proper dietary approaches (DASH) diet. Smoking is another serious cause of high blood pressure even to the people who do a lot of exercises especially tobacco which have a greater tendency of raising the blood pressure of an individual (Go et al. 880). It is usually a hard time for most addicts to quit smoking but it is always the wise step to take for individuals with high blood pressure or those who fear developing blood pressure yet they are smokers. In some cultures or social groups such as the youths or teens in their young age are prone to abusing tobacco which may make them addicts or affect them in future.

In some culture, smoking is not a problem provided you are an adult not knowing that they are exposing themselves to addiction or possibilities of developing high blood pressure. Thus, to some extent, high blood pressure is more determined by the cultural practices in a given community or society. Children who are brought up in families where their parents or guardian even the people around them are smoking tobacco are always tempted to take a puff secretly, but with time most of them get addicted and start to get health complications such as high blood pressure and cancer. Stress is another cause of high blood pressure especially in severe cases that lead to depression (Rose et al. 588). In some cultures, people who have high blood pressure or who are prone to developing high blood pressure are treated with a lot of care to prevent them from stressful activities or thoughts that may worsen their health conditions. In some cultures, especially in the united states, the older adults are taken to nursing home care where they are isolated for special treatment with a lot of exercise and therapy to relieve them from any type of stressful activity or environment. However, in other cultures, people believe that stress makes you strong and helps you to be emotionally strong to absorb any kind of difficulties.

In conclusion, high blood pressure is a critical and serious health condition that should be dealt with in the united states of America. High blood pressure is taking away many lives of American citizens by a larger percentage annually mainly because of the ignorance of doctors and patients in managing and having control over their lifestyle. In the real sense, high blood pressure is manageable and can be prevented by taking an initiative of moderating things in life such as avoiding excess alcohol consumption, quit smoking plus adhering to proper dietary.

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