Hillary Clinton - A Biography

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Hillary Clinton's Background and Early Career

Hillary Clinton is a political activist, lawyer, and former secretary of state. She has extensive experience in child welfare. She graduated from Wellesley College and Yale Law School in 1969. During her time at Yale, she met Marian Wright Edelman, a well-known lawyer and child rights activist. This early contact sparked her interest in family law and issues affecting children.

Hillary Clinton's 2008 Campaign

Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign was a mixed bag. Although she won the Democratic nomination, she did not win the election. She fell short in the Iowa caucuses, but bounced back and won the New Hampshire primary five days later. However, she failed to gain enough delegates before the final primary in June to overtake Obama.

First Lady and Advocate for Human Rights

While serving as First Lady, Hillary Clinton was criticized for a range of issues. Among them was her firing of seven White House staffers and her legal maneuverings during the Whitewater investigation. She also worked tirelessly to improve the lives of people around the world. In addition to her public service, Hillary Clinton was an active advocate of human rights, including internet freedom, women's rights, and LGBT rights. In addition to her political career, she also wrote a weekly newspaper column, Talking It Over. The column focused on observations of women. She was also a Grammy Award-winning singer.

Serving in the Senate

After winning the election, Hillary Clinton served in the Senate for eight years. She served on several Senate committees. During her first term, she pushed for health care reform, and she supported the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan. She also worked across the aisle to extend TRICARE, the health insurance program for the National Guard and Reserve.

Criticism and Financial Dealings

Hillary Clinton has been criticized for her financial dealings. Her investments in Whitewater, a real estate development in Arkansas, and her commodities trading during the period 1978-79 led to speculation of impropriety. The fallout of these actions was immediate, and the two women eventually resolved their differences at a fundraiser.

Early Life and Education

Hillary Rodham Clinton was born in 1947 and spent her childhood in Park Ridge, Illinois. She was the eldest child of Dorothy Howell Rodham and Hugh Rodham and has two younger brothers. While she was growing up, she had a life filled with liberal and conservative values. Her father owned a textile business, and his mother instilled a strong academic background in her.

Continued Advocacy and Law Career

After her election, Hillary Clinton continued her fight for better health care, despite opposition from special interests. She also worked with Republicans and Democrats to create the Children's Health Insurance Program. This program has helped cover more than 8 million children and cut the uninsured rate in half. It has also led to increased access to health care and improved educational standards.

Aside from her political career, Hillary Clinton has also had a successful law career. She has served on the boards of several high-profile corporations and was named one of the nation's 100 most influential lawyers by the National Law Journal. She also chaired the Arkansas Education Standards Committee and founded the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families.

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