History Makes Great Men

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History is the study of past human events of human beings. The history of human beings has to praise or to mock information about a leader who existed years back. The written documents regarding “history,” stand to make the person great. This paper seeks to show that indeed History Makes Great Men concerning the great man theory.

Individual contributions and inspirations to a society created a mirror line to the generations that followed to remember a hero who existed. The hero's ideas are primarily used in administration schemes as a point of reference (Lovejoy and Arthur 18). The world's history is a description of what great men and women wrote about how they overcame the hurdle of life problems but not what they did to overcome the difficulties they experienced (Mills and Wright 80). The past written documents have much evidence compared to what we believe they did.  The wise messages that are presently preserved in the libraries is a value of their greatness.

Secondly, the greatness of human beings depended much on the social environment that they existed in. The genesis of the greatness of an individual relied much on the series of the complicated situation experienced, the eternal solutions created to help curb the difficult circumstances is a show of prominence in the discoverer (Lovejoy and Arthur 48). The history of the environment, in turn, makes the discoverer great. It is the solutions adopted, and the individual strength gained that makes the personal great but not the birthright ‘Great Man.’

Lastly, the history of the land may either make an individual a great man or not depending on the ability. Ability to bridge between difficulty and success earns an individual the title Great Man; it takes hard work, determination, and perseverance. Indeed history makes great men.


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November 13, 2023


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