Homeless People

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Homelessness grew to be a crisis in various nations throughout the 1980’s. Cities struggled to act towards deciding on how to help the homeless. For instance, Los Angeles used to be among the victims in the 1980’s when homelessness became a menace to their city. Its voters will predict the destiny of a bond measure to benefit the homeless through making low-cost housing for the homeless in the streets. Los Angeles has struggled with the trouble for decades. The homeless population began to swell especially round downtown when the leaders considered the scope of homelessness. The city wrestled to address its men and women what recognized as a significant problem in spite of some of the temporary measures they employed. The tribe of homeless women and, men who lived in concrete caves and the bridges over the freeways of Los Angeles was growing (Caruso, Chris.).

“The good, the bad and the ugly,” influence can still be recognized in films made today. The scene of the three whiskered men stands to face each other in the vast cemetery, and the exchange of glance suspiciously is one of the most acclaimed and riveting factor film sequences of all time. The film has had a great importance and a significant impact on the popular culture and cinema. It motivated by Hollywood cowboys and Indian pictures which consisted of risk takers that are European directors. They worked with smaller budgets that resulted in the movement being defined by a spirit of innovation. The film has also surfaced on the best of lists over the years. The storytelling techniques in the movie have been employed, taught and referenced by the makers of film from various parts of the world.

The culture of poverty involves the norms and values that result in people to remain or enter into debt. Social scientists also carefully define the culture of poverty. Those individuals who study poverty tend to focus on the primary structural factors like the availability of jobs or the quality of schools the kids attend as definitions of poverty. They fail to put into considerations cultural questions. There is the most different group of scholars’ altogether who study culture who tend to think of religion in a diverse and sophisticated way than as the values and norms of an organization. Few social scientists have tried to understand poverty through different conceptions. Many do not recognize the impact of poverty rather than the effect of culture on poverty.

Early writings suggest that culture of poverty was an effect of social and economic exclusion. They explain that people who face limited commercial chances in the society grew hopeless. In the mid of 1980’s culture of poverty was related to African Americans living in pockets of poverty in the urban centers. There were high rates of divorce and non-marital childbearing among the black families in urban areas. These families described as showing a “tangle of pathology.” Since then, the thought that economic and social well-being should be measured by how individuals utilize government programs and not by the wellbeing of American families (Wright, R. Dean et al.).

According to Michael Harrington, the ‘other America’ refers to the poverty levels among individuals living in a given nation especially the United States. There exists indwelt about 40,000,000 to 50,000,000 individuals in this land. The other America has escaped extremes of those peasant nations where millions of people cling to hunger as armor against starvation. The people do not have enough and adequate medical care, education and housing. Writing the book helped Harrington in discovering and getting to know the subset of the nation’s poor and the alcoholics who were homeless. The book illustrated that poverty in the society of United States was both more tenuous and extensive than the assumptions made by most of the Americans

The author urges that it is important to use various methods in measuring the portfolio allocation behavior. The accumulation of wealth among members who do not own it and how these resources affect transferring into homeownership is affected by the accessibility of financials materials in the extended families. Even after adjustments to the individual’s economic and sociodemographic features, economic conditions of the extended families have outcomes on the non-owners wealth accession. The blacks suffer from the significant results of income insufficiency of the extended families. The blacks are also hampered by limited availability and increased levels of poverty from transiting to homeownership.

Every approach includes both merits and demerits. This book explains how public understanding of what consists of the social crisis made and shaped. There have been inclusions of essential studies of rural and urban American nomads, housing loss and the semipublic living over the last decade. Concern by the public suddenly escaped without any reduction in the number of individuals lacking the proper housing. Research has it that the crisis of homelessness was triggered political misunderstanding of race, cultural diversifications and poverty while the unemployment, inadequate housing, and poor health services continue to become a menace to the citizens of the American cities.

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July 24, 2021

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