How did Early America Obtain Full Political Independence From The British and What Was The System For The Formation Of The United States?

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According to The Unfinished Nation: A Concise History of the American People, Volume I. by Brinkley (2015) and other historical sources it is clearly evident that there are many gradual changes and improvements in America through economic, social, political and even leadership structure dimensions. All these changes are attributed to the independence and leadership qualities. Every nation to undergo economic growth must at least at one point experience a change in leadership and even the political-administrative systems. The attainment of independence by America from British has driven it to the achievement of goals and aims and has facilitated equal leadership and improved human living standards through eradication of slavery.

            The history of the United States has been seen to be experimental in nature since there is recurrent address and resolving of issues throughout the years. This means that the grievances or issues which were addressed over hundreds of years are still addressed and resolved up to date. The issues include engagement with the rest of the world against isolation, capitalism against communism, group rights against individual rights and macro government against minor government. These issues were addressed over 200 years ago but experienced today and this will guide us in deducing that history repeats itself. It has been in high hope for the Americans to have democracy but the outcome will always be a direct and devastating opposite.

          In this case, my question will mainly focus on the How did Early America obtain full political independence from the British and what was the system for the formation of the United States? The question will clearly formulate one argumentative research topic that is America pre and post-independence. Over the world, a large percentage of individuals do not believe that America was colonized and suppose you state it you will absolutely receive a question “by who? Fellow whites?” Indeed America was colonized by the British and towards the attainment of independence, there was a great struggle for independence since gaining rule from the British was a cumbersome task.

Colonial period

Most of the people who came to the British colonies in early 1600 were mainly the English who came from different points and countries such as Germany, Netherlands, France, and Sweden and after some time there are those who came from Ireland and Scotland. All these settlers flee from their cradle land because of several reasons such as war, religious torture, political oppression, and prison sentencing and it is evident that this increase the population of America rapidly in less than 100 years. The settlers had specific intentions when they arrived in America and it is during this time when there was an increase in population in different colonies and the rise of groups of colonies according to regional grouping. The first settlements were built along the coast of Atlantic Ocean and on the rivers that flowed to the ocean as the main consideration was easy harnessing of water while others were displaced from their original settlements after the icebergs melted. The settlers commonly established economic activities using the available resources such as shipbuilding, fishing, trading and even businesses related to wood products.

          Over these years the relationship between the settlers and the original Americans who were in that time Indians was equally uneasy and filled with several conflicts. There was interaction during trade but as the settlements became more the American Indians were displaced because they were overcome in a battle against the settlers and this great more enmity and this brought out the effect of colonization. There was the establishment of colonies which were fully reinforced by private firms and all states came out as companies owned by the shareholders chartered by kings except Georgia. The colonies operated by the British legal systems and tradition and were mainly governed by leader based commands. Political struggle in Britain dominated and led to rise of King James 2 who widely strengthen the people’s freedom and greatly reduced the Monarchical system of government which positively brought a positive impact to the America colonies and went further to launch a complaint for the creation of a local government that passed laws to depreciate the strengths and powers of the governors and boost their own powers.

        Over several years the conflicts and differences between the assemblies and the governors caused created diversions between the British and American desires and the principles from these differences formed the constitution of these colonies which was unwritten and there was a desire for self-government which was later own preceded by a call for independence.

Journey to independence

According to The Struggle for American Independence by Fisher (1908), the rise of democracy was greatly brought about by the establishment of a new society on a new land and this lead to development of the United States and the nation will accord itself differently as different and the rest of the European nations will view with have focus of hope at it. The 13 British colonies were fully developed by 1700s and grew in different dimensions such as population, economic ability, and cultural dimensions and by 1710 there was the foundation of a permanent settlement in Virginia and the United States emerged as a nation. Battles between the British and the French occurred in Northern America in the 1750s and this resulted to British victory which made the British being in the control of funds docket a situation which led to a restriction of the American way of living.  There was a proclaim which majorly dealt with the prevention of way to settlements in new lands and some of the acts which placed taxes on luxury goods and made the importation of rum an illegal offense. Some of the acts such as the Currency act of 1764 prevented the manufacture of printed currency in the colonies and the Quartering Act of 1765 which forced the colonies to supply housing materials and food to the Royal troops.

       The self-governments championed the production of political leaders who through these, the political leaders played an important role in the eradication of the oppressive parliamentary laws and acts. This mission succeeded and after which the coordination against the British ended and over several years there was the rise of radicals who had a main reason of independence rather than parliamentary grievances. The most effective among these was Samuel Adams who originated from Massachusetts who wrote several articles and journals championing for democratic rights. The articles by Samuel Adams led to the organization of several committees that grew up as a foundation for the revolutionist movement and this brought colonial leaders who were against British sopping trade. These brought a group of individual to vandalize British Harbor in which the British closed the Port of Boston as a punishment to Massachusetts. This instilled a creative sense of frustration to the colonists and the led to revolutionists quest for total independence. And hence they began the accumulation of weapons and mobilizing of forces.

Revolution and formation of new governments.

In the article. A people numerous and armed: reflections on the military struggle for American independence by Shy (1990), the revolution of America was simply battle for independence from the British and began as differences between British troops and the armed colonists in 1775 as the British had gone to acquire the weapons from revolutionists in Massachusetts who they had collected in the villages. They got a group of men who were known as Minutemen, a name they acquired since they were ready to fight in a minute and they were only acting on silent protest and no shoot unless fired upon first. The British ordered the dispersion and they agreed but a shot was released as they dispersed and this led to fighting on the road between the British and the revolutionists. War broke out in different parts and deadly battles generated around Boston which made colonial leaders to hold a discussion over the situation and most of them voted for having a battle against the British. Quests for independence intensified for several and this lead to division and America formed its government and states. The 13 colonies were developed into the 13 United States of America in 1783 which was initiated by the war for independence from the British. However, in the initiation of the new states, there were challenges experienced such as lack of common currency and each state had to use its currency, an absence of national military forces and there was no nation tax collection and imposition system.


In conclusion, the appropriate answer for my question is that Early American colonization and independence progressed in three main steps which include the colonial period, the journey to independence and the revolution and formation of new governments. The first point of the establishment of the colonial period mainly deals with settlements and establishment of economic activities by the British who progressively displaced the Americans from their native lands. As the British increased in population it greatly overwhelmed and weakened the Americans which led to their easy displacement. The second step of the journey to independence simply focuses on activities that awaken the Americans that they were under colonial torture and it is at this point that led to the formation of local governments that led to a quest for independence. The revolutionists formed committees that championed for human rights and these further grew into the desire for full independence. Finally, the revolution and formation of the new government was the final step where at this point several wars evolved and all the two military powers engaged in battles against each other. The result led to the American attainment of independence and formation of new governments and in turn formation of the United States from the colonies.

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