How is discrimination practiced in the workplace?

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Workplace discrimination, according to neoclassical economic theory, is defined as the differential treatment of two similarly eligible individuals based on their faith, disability, age, ethnicity, and gender, among other factors. Indeed, the government and the general public do not have complete power over discrimination in the industry because private corporations can prefer to hire white males, and they are constitutionally entitled to do so because they own the organizations. However, workplace inequality has disproportionately impacted ethnic communities in American society, specifically blacks, disabled people, and women (Scheiber & Ember, 2016). Despite some people accepting the perception that there has been favoritism in the past, this condition is seldom as well as the blunder of current workers; since the employees have no capability of rectifying the paucities which they did not cause. Even if the employers have been previously responsible of employment inequity, they should not be pressured to hire the discriminated individuals so as to make amendments for their former illegal behavior (Steinmetz, 2016).

What is affirmative action taken to mitigate workplace discrimination?

The Equal Opportunity Theory has offered a suitable explanation to help us understand appropriate affirmative action for depleting workplace prejudice. This theory is comprised of comprehensive and clear examination of the idea concerning self-fortitude: both the right to personal determination and also its expression in the community. The author of this theory has scrutinized the society’s shared responsibility for pledging fair outlooks of independence for all individuals. This theorist has inclusively described the way collective policies derived from the theory of equal opportunity actually affect those with the least possible prospects for self-governing throughout their lives (people of color, the disabled, and a specific gender) (Cohen, 2016).

In connection to theorist’s view, the affirmative action taken by the American government is the establishment of Equal Employment Opportunity aimed at protecting workers from discrimination. The law that safeguards this amendment is 1964’s Civil Rights Act which bans employment chauvinism based on worker’s color, race, sex, religion or the national originality. At this point, discrimination is outlawed in employment, transfer, promotions, and firing and on issues relating to wages. For instance, this edict has prohibited the discrimination of people based on gender differences in areas of public life including schools, jobs, transportation and on the usage of all private and public resources that are open to the community. Indeed, this affirmative action has conducted a vital task of ensuring that all individuals are treated equally particularly in the workplace (Brown & Langer, 2015).

Is the above affirmative action effective and efficient on protecting the minorities?

The effectiveness and efficiency of equal treatment in the workplace can be comprehended in the view of conspiracy theory. The author of this hypothesis has explained the situation or an event that calls up a conspiracy in absence of warrant, generally, one involving a harmful or an illegal act conducted by the national administration or various powerful actors. Indeed, this theory has helped a lot on understanding the factors that promote unequal treatments in workplaces through indicating that the most influential organizations are leading on practicing favoritism. As a result, the there community has instigated non-governmental agents that act as watchdogs on ensuring that all companies, associations or individuals with businesses are handling their workers with fairness. Correspondingly, the aspect of workplace prejudice in America is continuing to get depleted in a continuous manner (Hollywood Screenwriters Face Their Own 'OscarsSoWhite' Drama, 2016).


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December 21, 2022

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