How Teddy Roosevelt's Square Deal and Big Stick Changed the Role of the Presidency

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Debates Over Currency in the United States

Markedly, there have been debates over the years between the Silverites who argued that the usage of gold as the only currency in the United States resulted into high-interest rates and hindered the economic growth of the country. They stood for having more money, which involved having gold and silver being used together. On the other hand, the gold bugs argued that the fact that gold was natural made it likely to be chosen as the money to be used by most of the citizens. Lastly, a third party insisted on the usage of paper money basing their argument on the opinion that money was considered as a social convenience; hence, anything that could be agreed upon could serve as money. In 1888, the argument became more interesting as the politicians used their arguments to portray themselves as caring to the voters and winning or losing was significantly tied to a politician's stance of the issue of money as well as tariffs.

Harrison's Term and its Foreshadowing of the 20th Century

How did Harrison’s term foreshadow the 20th century regarding the navy build-up, Blaine, pensions, antitrust, silver money, closing frontier, six new states, and the defeat of natives

Pointedly, the tenure of Harrison as the president marked several changes that would later proceed into the 29th century such as the build-up of the navy through the significant appropriation of bills that were signed by the president in question for the internal improvement subsidies for the steamship lines as well as the naval expansion. Besides, his appointment of Blaine as the Secretary of State saw to it that there were several peace treaties signed and grudges dropped against the United States to expand the business field globally. Further, the tenure also presided over the passing of pension for the veterans. Furthermore, the antitrust laws were passed, the Sharman Silver Purchase Act passed that would make America use more of silver as opposed to the expensive gold, as well as seeing to it that the new states which had been prevented from admission by the Democrats got admitted. All these issues that were started in the tenure of President Harrison would later be adopted in the 20th century or even made magnificent.

Democrats' Realignment from Cleveland Conservatism to Bryan Populism

How did the hungry 90’s realign democrats from Cleveland conservatism to Bryan populism?

The suffering of the American agricultural community prompted the Democrats to stand by the farmers. Fighting for these farmers could have been more effective and possible in the populism following their demands that included the uniting the rural farmers to have the capability of significantly affecting the elections and having a voice to present their lamentations.

McKinley's Creation of a New Republican Majority and America's Global Power

How did McKinley create a new Republican majority and make America a world power?

McKinley used the economic depression period to create a Republican majority after the country lost faith in the Democrats after the economic crisis. This advantage helps the individual in question to be supported by several voters who were aware of his long-term championing of the protective tariffs and his platform for the promotion of the prosperity of the United States. This rapport that he had built with the citizens over the years as a congressman helped him to ascend to the presidency. As the president, McKinley set out various bold foreign policies after declaring and winning the war against Spain and resulting in possession of Guam, Puerto Rico as well as the Philippines. Notably, the foreign policies helped the president in question to open several opportunities for the United States to be significantly involved in world affairs such as trade which made the country the world power.

Progressivism's Borrowing from Populism and Differentiation

What did progressivism borrow from populism? What made progressivism different from populism?

Progressivism must have borrowed the art of winning the people's support to avoid or reduce the amount of contradiction and opposition from the large populations of the country. For instance, this borrowed trick prompted them into exposing the corruptions that took place in various businesses as well as those in the politics to the public for the favor in the eyes of the latter. Progressivism was different from populism on multiple aspects including its lack of radical characteristics as well as the moderate objectives. Besides, it was different in the people it entailed who were the white collars, urban elites, as well as the professionals as opposed to those in populism who involved radical farmers. Another difference they exhibited was their focus on created the changes to various problems as opposed to small protests regarding the issues as was the habit of the populists. For instance, the progressivism advocated for the introduction of the income tax, which was intended to help the making up of the revenue that had been lost as a result of the reduction of the tariffs. Furthermore, they exposed the corruptions that took place in various businesses as well as those in the politics to the public.

Teddy Roosevelt's Square Deal and Big Stick

How did Teddy Roosevelt’s square deal and big stick change the role of the presidency?

The square deal as well as the big stick changed the presidency's role from not only standing for fairness in the country but also ensuring that the country they govern follows the channels for changing the rules when necessary that will result in working for considerable equality in the provision of opportunities for the citizens as well as for equally great services. Further, the president in question reflects three primary goals that include the controlling of various cooperations, the protection of customers as well as the conservation of the natural resources as one the role of the United States president.

Differences Between Taft's Approach and TR's Approach

How did Taft’s approach differ from TR’s?

While Taft's primary focus was on the administration but not the reform agenda and was more comfortable in the execution of the law regardless of personal feelings, TR's approach involves the envisioning of change and transformation making it an important transformational leadership approach.

Woodrow Wilson and Democrats' Champions of Progressivism

How did Woodrow Wilson make Democrats the champions of progressivism?

Wilson ensured the passing of various policies that favored the African Americans who were supporters of the Democratic Party in substantial numbers. Hence, the spearheading of progressivism that included the support of using paper currency to help the poor and passing various policies to take care of the African Americans regarding both their health as well as their rights.

America's Entry into World War I and the Doom of Progressivism

How and why did America enter World War I and how did the war and its aftermath doom progressivism?

After President Wilson had held on to peace for most of the years since the beginning of the war in question, Germany and Britain kept breaking the laws put by the United States, which prompted the president into declaring war. In as much as the entry of the war presented the country clothed in progressivism, this changed as the war president's hopes for ending the war through mediation failed, and the country had to fight to the end of the war. The results of the war prompted the American citizens to eradicate the progressivism mentality that presented the war as some modern things that could easily be fixed by the rational government, and they began to perceive things differently from the mindset of progressivism.

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