How to Recognize the Signs of Psychological Slavery

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The very existence of mental slavery in our society threatens our children's future. It is an affront to the human psyche and can be harmful to their development. Here's how to recognize the signs of psychological slavery. It's not easy to spot, but the signs are all around us. It can also be a result of a family's dysfunction or a situation that is not fair to everyone. Regardless of the reasons, we must always be vigilant and take action.


Despite its racial connotations, the term mental slavery has come to be used widely by political activists. The term has become a catch-all box for a wide variety of behaviors. Its widespread use has led to a misperception that mental slavery is a cause of bad habits and criminal activities in black communities. Likewise, the term is no longer helpful in describing a culture that promotes Islamophobia and a negative attitude toward Africans.

Uncle Tom behavior

"Uncle Tom's Cabin" tells the story of a slave, Tom, who is enslaved by a white man. The owner uses violence and coercion to make him his slave. He beats Tom to death and won't tell him where he is. The book has a Christian theme, as Stowe believed that slavery is a sin. However, this story is largely about human rights and how one person's actions can affect others.


Ignorance and mental slavery have many causes and consequences. Apartheid created a culture of low self-worth. It also modulated a pre-existing condition. Yet, the two are not the same. Mental slavery is a form of oppression and is distinct from human stupidity. It affects the logic centers of the brain, but it is more often self-inflicted. For example, it keeps people from understanding how to think and how to act in ways that make them happy.

Patterns in human behavior

Slavery is a form of oppression, and the daily forms of resistance to it are commonplace in modern society. Whether through overt expressions, such as running away, or mundane forms, such as petty theft and work slowdowns, slaves were constantly trying to resist their masters. The moral bankruptcy of slavery facilitated such mundane forms of resistance. Despite their daily lives, they constantly pushed their masters for greater freedom.


When we speak of niggers, we are referring to a specific type of slave. In the past, a nigger was a female who was a slave to a male. The nigger is no longer a slave, but a mental slave to another form. When a nigger is used as a slave, it is used to control a male, but not the other way around.

Abuse of power

The dangers of psychological slavery are many and varied. This kind of abuse is especially dangerous because it threatens the future of the child. Many victims have a very difficult time escaping from such abusive relationships. One such example involves a pair of robbers who held two hostages for 131 hours in 1973. When the robbers were finally freed, the hostages displayed strange behavior. Some even felt gratitude towards their captors. Others rationalized the abuser's behavior and reacted negatively when rescue attempts were made. Often, the victims are unable to escape the emotional and psychological traps imposed by their captors.

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