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Mr. Gallagher witnessed the ATM case when trying to communicate with a Commerce Bank ATM machine. The likelihood of this occurrence reoccurring is very poor. The ATM system prioritizes security as the most important feature. The cash dispensing device was set up to implement safety protocols. This incident was mostly the product of insufficient reaction and control. According to the systems model, the ATM event is the consequence of a control error.

Mr. Gallagher, the banker, is a survivor of this incident. Despite the fact that the banking system's demands were not too complicated, there was no follow-up after the incident. He was unable to find a toll free number to call the support team in such a scenario. The bank as a system failed to take into account such an incident. Though the system wasn’t complex, errors occurred that made one spend the whole night in a confined space.

In any case, the system must prevent consequences of errors in that safety margins should be introduced to allow the client o incur the error without being inconvenienced. The control structure must be examined to comprehend the accidents and to understand why such event occurred.

This incident would have been prevented if the bank had installed motion detectors that would prevent the door from closing until the customer left.

If by any case the door closes, there should be a way for one to unlock it from the inside like in the case with James.

The bank must display a toll free number, alarm button and even voice intercom to aid one in calling for attention in such incidents.

October 25, 2022

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