Identifying and Eliminating the Risks of Hazards in the Workplace

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There is a rising concern about the safety and health of different stakeholders in the market. All stakeholders should ensure that there is safety in the workplace. It is because it can create a conducive work environment and the health of all stakeholders is kept as a priority in the workplace. Therefore, all the stakeholders have a role to play in ensuring that health and safety are guaranteed in the workplace by eliminating all the possible hazards. Some of these hazards can include the use of sharp objects as cutting tools in the workplace. The paper intends to discuss the ways of identifying and eliminating the risks imposed by such hazards.

Some of the ways of identifying hazards in the workplace are to determine all the equipment which can pose a threat to the workers and other stakeholders (Millar et al. 196). For example, using sharp objects can cause unnecessary accidents in the workplace. Sharp objects can cause injuries such as a cut or an amputation while using them. Scalpels and razor blades can be used even in the medical fraternity to perform different functions including being used in the surgical procedures. Nonetheless, other equipment such as scissors can also be used to play different roles in a work environment.

There is a necessity to identify and eliminate the risks posed by these objects. Some of the ways which can be used to achieve this goal or control the risk are to eliminate the use of the blade (Millar et al. 196). The employees should work together with the employers to ascertain if there is any other way to perform such functions which were conducted by the sharp objects. It can include finding another tool to play the roles without exposing the stakeholders to the risk of injury. It will help in finding a safer way of doing the daily activities in the workplace. Some of the tools which can replace the blades can include covered blades, spring backs, and tape splitters.

However, some measures should be undertaken while handling sharp objects for safety. These measures can include using the right tools for the right job and ensuring that due care is emphasized while using them to avoid risks to injury (Hofmann et al. 375). Notwithstanding, if the device is a retractable blade, it should be retracted immediately after use. It will ensure that they are not left in the body in case it is during a surgical procedure which might be harmful to the client. Furthermore, people should not carry sharp open objects in their pockets to avoid injuries. They must have their hands away from the sharp edges.

Maintaining health and safety is vital to all the stakeholders in a workplace environment. For example, fewer injuries in a work environment can increase the productivity in a workplace since injuries are and for employee morale (Hofmann et al. 375). However, if workers are sure of the healthy and safe environment, it can boost their confidence and make them more productive in the long-run. Notwithstanding, safety in the workplace can change the public image of an organization where safe environments receive positive feedback from the public. Furthermore, it is ethical to ensure that stakeholders are safe while in the vicinity of an organization by providing safe environments. Thus, guaranteeing a safe environment is essential for the stakeholders and the organization at large.

In conclusion, it is evident that health and safety are essential in the workplace. Some of the tools which people should take precautions while handling is sharp objects since they can cause injury and amputations to the employers and employees. Thus, the paper explores the ways of identifying and eliminating risks of hazards in the workplace.

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October 24, 2023

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