Importance of Reflection in transferring knowledge

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Reflection and Learning

Reflection is crucial for moving information from short-term to long-term memory by interpreting past events to develop new insights. We learn and deepen the meaning of the topics we cover by reflecting. This aids us in adapting what we have learned to situations other than the one in which we first encountered it.

Connecting Experiences and Creating Meaning

Students who reflect on their experiences are better able to learn lessons about their own objectives and social awareness. Reflection aids in connecting and creating meaning from these experiences as chances for learning, as opposed to viewing them as isolated and unrelated events as one goes through life. Reflecting on experiences promotes insight and complex learning.

Aiding Problem-Solving

The ability of pupils to solve problems is also aided by reflection. The relationship between learning by thinking and improved performance is better explained by introspective analysis of one's capacity to organize and take action to attain the set goals. Therefore, we do not learn from experiences but rather reflecting on them.

Fostered Sense of Communal Connection and Social Awareness

Through reflection, there is a fostered sense of communal connection and deeper social awareness. Reflection increases the probability of continued commitment by learners to service beyond the term limits. It also raises student's awareness to social structures surrounding service environment and all external conditions whether natural or induced to which items or materials are likely to be subjected throughout their life cycle.

Awareness of Learning and Problem-Solving Skills

Reflection makes students aware of themselves as learners because they make a break during their studies to assume how much they are saving, assess their approaches, shift gears and test their understanding of new materials. This ensures that what students learn remains in their conscious and subconscious minds for later use.

Stimulus for Relating Activities to Set Targets

Reflection is a stimulus for learners to relate service activities to their set targets and to develop advanced thinking for better problem-solving. It allows students to learn more about themselves while aiding in the improvement of academic skills.

June 26, 2023

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