Important Things You Should Never Do on Your Own

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Whether you are a kid or an adult, there are some things that you should never do on your own. These include getting drunk, eating too much, doing drugs, and getting into fights. But these are not the only things that are bad for you. You should also pay attention to some of the important things that can cause your life to be ruined.


During the 1970s, Willy Russell, a lyricist, composer and dramatist, wrote the play 'Our Day Out'. It is a play about a group of back street kids from Liverpool who go on a day out to a castle in Wales. The play was aired on television in 1977 and was later adapted into a stage musical. It is not surprising that Willy Russell used the opportunity to write a play that tackles the subject of lack of opportunity in the inner city.

Throughout the play, the characters are often portrayed by actors of varying levels of experience. There is a significant gulf between the central characters. The play is notable for its use of stage directions to create tension. The most obvious example is the cliff scene. This is the play's most notable scene. However, this is not the only time the cliff is mentioned.

Other notable scenes include the first mention of a beach. The day out is meant to take the students to Conwy Castle in Wales. However, after the children arrive they are sent to the local shops instead.


'Our Day Out' is a comedy play which was written by Willy Russell. It's about a day trip to Wales for a group of teenagers. The trip takes them to a castle, fun fairs, and zoos. It also shows the deprivation of kids in the inner city of Liverpool. It focuses on the lack of education and opportunity in these backstreets. It was originally broadcast on BBC2 at 9pm on 28 December 1977. It was later adapted into a stage musical.

It is also a satire of teenage life. There is a good balance between the comedy and the serious themes. It's a 67 minute film which doesn't outstay its welcome. It's also got decent cameos from actors. There are few central characters. The majority of the actors are untrained child actors. It's also got a wide gulf between the actors in terms of acting experience.

Willy Russell wrote 'Our Day Out' as a play in the 1970s. He used the characters to show the lack of education and opportunities in the inner city of Liverpool. He also used stage directions to create tension and emotional feelings.

Environmental problems

Almost half of all Americans say that environmental problems are an issue in their local community. This is especially true for lower income families. Some of the most common environmental issues include air pollution, water pollution, and waste disposal.

Air pollution particles can enter the lungs and damage plants and animals. These particles can also cause high blood pressure and heart attacks. This problem is mainly caused by fossil fuel combustion and poor urban planning.

Air pollution is also a contributing factor to climate change. This is because burning fossil fuels increases atmospheric CO2 concentration. The atmospheric CO2 concentration has risen from 280 parts per million 200 years ago to 400 parts per million today. It is estimated that one in nine deaths in 2012 were caused by air pollution.

Deforestation has also contributed to atmospheric CO2 concentration. It has decreased over the last decade, but is still increasing. The Amazon rainforest, for example, has lost over 5,000 square kilometers of rainforest this year.

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