In the health-care industry, workplace violence is becoming more prevalent.

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Workplace violence refers to threats made verbally or nonverbally due to a disagreement, a dispute among coworkers, or a violation of an employee's rights. As a result, it is a source of concern because it harms employee productivity (Colling & York, 2003). (2009). It has become a significant concern in terms of security and the need for effective, efficient, and progressive healthcare work environments due to its detrimental and harmful significance. Workplace violence is on the rise, with the majority of Americans becoming victims. Violent acts and the occasional attack are often present in social settings and healthcare settings. The vast majority of these violent acts occur in hospitals, nursing homes, personal care facilities, and residual care facilities, to be precise. Despite the growing numbers of violence at  the healthcare workplace  act, the media is  to blamed for malicious and unconfirmed reports that they give. The unconfirmed reports are evident on certain survey reports that underestimate the growing numbers by covering and only approximating that number of the victims. Per se, violence has increased in the workplace due to legal possession of firearms and other dangerous equipment by the patients, family members, and friends in hospitals based on social status (Colling, & York, (2009). In addition, another deafening reason is sharing of wards between the convicted patients and law-abiding citizen patients in the hospital. Therefore, the impacts of such violent acts in the perspective of circumstance can be either long-term or short-term depending on level of exposure to violent acts.
Concisely, the government through the healthcare administrators should come up with laws, rules, and regulatory policies that ensure that convicts still serving their sentences are not mixed up with other patients in any medical facility; if possible, there should be medical facilities that specifically cater for their heath needs while ensuring that the employees are secure. Furthermore, there should be continuous assessment of the risk on major causes of violence as well prevention strategies and response team within healthcare facilities.

Colling, R. L., & York, T. (2009). Hospital and Healthcare Security. Burlington: Elsevier.

May 04, 2022

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