International Strategy & Corporate Strategy

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International Strategy and Corporate Strategy

International strategy and corporate strategy are necessary in the majority of organizations in order to attain long-term goals. A global proposal tailored to a company or multinational where creating a role model for international trade and development is the main objective is what is referred to as the "international strategy." The company's current position in the world, its capabilities, and its financial resources are all distinguished by the global strategy when discussing worldwide expansion.

Types of Corporate and International Policies

The development of the company is facilitated by three different types of corporate and international policies. An organization like MTV employs the multi-domestic technique by programming all shows presented in various nations by incorporating the local programs rather than just airing all America programs. The third type of corporate strategy is transitional strategies, which is mostly adopted by mostly food firms like the Kentucky Fried Chicken and MacDonald’s who use the same name, branding, and menu for all their outlets globally.

Global Strategy: Microsoft's Acquisition of Nokia

The other type of international strategy is the global strategy as the case of Microsoft buying off Nokia. The recent move by Microsoft to acquire Nokia for 7.2 billion. Nokia is one of the earliest mobile devices who penetrated the mobile market and the largest smartphone retailer in the world. The inability to keep up and adopt the new technology generation especially when iPhone hit the mobile market.When Android phones took over the market, they made the decision to use Windows technology which didn’t turn out as expected. This is seen as a global strategy. The buying off Nokia by Microsoft is a good idea as it is already a household name in the mobile market. Microsoft is known for its modern technology which will ensure that they will be in a position to compete with other firms like iPhone and techno products.


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February 09, 2023

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