Introduction of Professional Expansion Teams in Las Vegas SWOT Analysis

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An expansion team is defined as a new team in a sports league, which is mainly composed of players from other established leagues. Last year the Oakland raiders were approved to become the Las Vegas raiders, hence becoming the newest team in the NFL (Schrotenboer). The Las Vegas Golden Knights also began to play last year, its division is pacific. The Las Vegas Aces relocated to Las Vegas this year hence its name; this is after they were put to sale after the 2017 season. They were officially named The Las Vegas Aces on 11th

of December 2017 (Steffy).


The teams have been able to successfully market to male and female audience. This is attributed by the fact that the Las Vegas Raiders and Las Vegas Golden Knights are men American Football and ice hockey teams respectively, while the Las Vegas Aces is a women basketball team. This is important especially when they have a game because it will increase the number of fans which eventually increase their ticket sales

It has outstanding performance as it is currently leading in the NFL league (Schrotenboer). This will increase the number of the Las Vegas team supporters while increasing their popularity, considering it’s a new team.

It has experienced players who have led the team to multiple victories. Most players have shown their capability to produce exemplary performance in the sport that they play. This has enabled the teams to acquire multiple victories hence gain more popularity and fans.

The Las Vegas Raiders will soon open its own stadium in the year 2020; this will increase revenue for the team through selling of tickets, while motivating the players to give their best shot at winning games played on their stadium.

All of the teams have websites which enable their fans to get updates on important matters that affect the teams. Tickets can also be bought through the website making the process easy. Video uploads of live and previous games can also be found on the website, for funs that missed a game and would like to watch it. In addition to that, the websites also generates revenue for the teams.

The pre-game shows by the teams encourage the fans to buy tickets and watch the games. The half time entertainments also provide the fans make the game fun and encourage the fans to buy tickets and watch the game again.

            A lot of fans can motivate players to perform extremely well during a game. The teams are popular hence they have attracted a larger fan base. This has encouraged the players to do their best during their games so that they do not let down their fans. Fans act as a motivation during a game.


The competitive salaries are a hindrance to team’s progress. In other words, players’ salaries for all the teams, such that if the players get a better offer from another team they might reconsider joining the other team.

The ticket prices tend to be too high for people to purchase them, hence, fans opt to stay away from the pitches.

Injury to players during a game might hinder them from participating in another match. It will affect the team’s performance most especially if the player was one of the main players and was more skilled.

A decrease in the players’ enthusiasm due to management issues may deter them from performing well during games, leading to low performance of the teams.

Games that are very long tend to discourage fans from watching the live games from the stadium, especially if the weather is unfavorable e.g. raining, snowing as some are afraid of getting sick. This also discourages people from bringing their children along to watch some games.

Misbehavior by a team member or members can ruin the reputation of the teams; this will make the team look bad in the public’s eyes and might reduce their fan base. Worst still, they might be disqualified during the game.

Labor disputes which may lead to cancellation of a game, this may discourage players from performing well in other games.


The teams have the opportunity to market the teams to the younger generation. This will increase the fan base in future.

They can apply the concept of internet marketing to increase the popularity of the team and also increase their fan base

They can start to manufacture fans jerseys or t-shirts and sell them to fans in order to increase the teams’ revenue.

They can expand the teams to junior teams to all of the teams and women team for the Las Vegas Raiders and men basketball team to the Las Vegas Aces, this will increase their popularity and will also gain more fan base.

Broadcasting the games, this should be done worldwide rather than nationwide. This will increase their fan base and the number of people who go to their website to follow updates or watch past games.


Rejection from fans of the Oakland Raiders team, this is due to the fact that they feel like their team was taken from them. This might reduce their fans most especially in Oakland and other states.

Criminal conduct by a player might affect the team’s performance tremendously. Players might be restricted from playing during a game due to their conduct, affecting the performance of the team. In other occasion some players might be attending court proceeding on the day that they are supposed to be playing a game.

The unfair system of superstars, which may have good players in a team, may pose as a threat for the players of the teams. This is because the other teams with more superstars may be too competitive for the other teams hence lead to poor performance.

Some players from the teams might develop interest in participating in other professional sports hence quitting their teams to join the other sport. It will be hectic to replace them and train their replacements such that they are used to the team. This might affect the performance of the teams negatively.

Lower fan base in some games like hockey discourage the player from playing well as they feel like their game is not respected and recognized by many leading to lower performance during a game.


As illustrated by the opportunities, the field can achieve even more if certain conditions are met. For instance, the prices of the ticket games should be moderate to encourage their purchase and motivate the fans to watch the live games. Also, they should start junior teams in all the three games namely ice hockey, basketball and American football, this will help to nurture young talent who can join the other teams when they grow older. This will increase their performance because the junior team members will have acquired the proper training.

They should start both men and women teams in all the three sports. This will promote the team’s popularity increasing its fans. Each team should have their own stadium. This will act as a motivation to the players hence improving their performance. This will also encourage fans to buy tickets and watch the games especially if they are home games. In addition to that it will generate tremendous revenue to the teams.

The teams should aim at paying their players well in order to avoid them moving to other teams which have better salaries than their team. A good salary will also act as a motivation to the players, which will make them aim at being victories always. The teams should make sure that the training facilities are in good condition and the latest in the market. This will make the players more skilled, more exposed and more competitive while playing with other teams.

Diversification of the team players such that all the communities are well represented in a team. This will increase its popularity nationwide. Proper management of the teams and treating the players well, salaries should be paid on time and incentives giving to the most outstanding players. This will act as a motivation to all the players and encourage them to work hard.

Disciplinary action should be taken against players who misbehave and end up ruining the team’s reputation, this will discourage them from engaging in such behaviors and will reduced the chances of being disqualified during games.

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November 13, 2023

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