Is Alaska’s Intensive Game Management an Ethical Way of Boosting Food Supply?

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The Intensive Management Law in Alaska

The state of Alaska passed the Intensive Management Law in 1993, with the goal of preserving deer, moose, and caribou populations for subsistence food. The state keeps the population of alternative predators such as bears and wolves under control while enforcing the ban. It is critical to understand that an ecosystem has a self-balancing mechanism. Interfering with these mechanisms has a negative impact on the ecosystem, and the desired purpose may not be met. For example, the state has proposed that wildfires be allowed to expand in order to improve moose habitat.This proposal has received criticism on the effect of such activities on the whole ecosystem. In addition, it has been observed that the whole intensive management law is not effective in achieving its mandate. There is no evidence showing an increase in the number of the animals protected or increased catch by hunters. Professional wildlife biologists have been ignored. These individuals have been calling for intensive management supported by research and monitoring (Sinnot n.p). The money used to implement the program is enough to fund this management and ensure that the Alaskans have enough food and a balanced ecosystem.

The Impact of Human Interference

Human beings have a right to seek survival by obtaining food from the ecosystem. However, trying to destabilize this ecosystem in their favour for short-term benefit will eventually have a negative impact on their wellbeing. The cost of predator control is very high while the returns cannot be quantified. The government and the people should consider good management and research as a way of ensuring that the people have enough food and the ecosystem remains stable.

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Sinnott, Rick. (2017). If intensive game management works, show us the numbers. Alaska Dispatch News, January 9, 2017. Web: April 8, 2017.

May 10, 2023
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