Is Any Immigration Reform Possible in This Political Climate?

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Politicians are discussing and debating current developments in immigration policy by legislation. The amendments are the intended improvements that must be made to the existing immigration policies. However, a distinct concept of immigration reform says, "to turn into a better form or status by amending or deleting flaws or violations." The intended improvements are changes that must be implemented to better address the needs of refugees but still protecting the country-receiving immigrants. People use immigration to infiltrate target countries to carry out attacks that destroy many innocent civilians. The major causes of immigration are poverty, economic hardships, social strife, armed conflict, and political turmoil. However, people who migrate do not all come from poor nt in the world. Some of the immigrants are aimed to attack and study the weaknesses of the target nations for better launches of terror attacks. For example, the ISIS and Al-Shabaab militia enter other nations as refugees but later plan attacks that kill several people. Banning refugees from entering the United States will not combat terrorism and Islamic extremism, rather the undermining of the United States efforts in fighting the groups.


Immigration is movement from a person’s native country to a foreign country to live permanently. The process in many occasions is done by refugees or people looking for jobs. However, the immigration process has pros and cons to the immigrants and the country of residence. Immigration does not only occur in the United States of America but all over the other nations. America is on the spot because many countries seek greener pastures in the “land of opportunities.” Many leaders have tried to fight against immigration to no avail. President Donald Trump promised to get a solution to illegal immigrants to the United States in a “matter of months” after taking office. The tried reforms in the immigration sector have all over time stymied and halted in several instances. The law protects the immigrants and the human rights commissions are on the watch towards the acts against humanity. Cases have been filed in court and congresses held over the topic of immigration reforms. Most of the immigrants to the United States aim at getting jobs and work. There are few who target acts of terrorism. However, the former president, Barrack Obama had tried during his regime to shield millions of illegal immigrants from deporting them and allowing them to work.

Supporting the Integration of Immigrants

In the 20th century, millions of reforms were established to support the immigrants who were seeking for jobs in America. The population of immigrants filed many cities in America that lead to overpopulation in most regions where they settled. The poor people are the most who moved into America in search of opportunities for earning income that could help them and their families back at home. Many of the immigrants work for the federal government and corporations. The workforce in the United States is dominated by immigrants. The vacancies filled by immigrants help to raise the economy of the United States (Lakoff, George, and Sam). However, the argument that they immigrants should be allowed to stay in the United States provided they entered in a legal manner and a good motive.

The rise of terrorism and crime has lead many of the immigrants get deported and the families face a lot of trouble in collecting eh pieces of the deceased. The poor immigrants from poor states accumulate funds for flight tickets and other expenses with the hope of recovering and earning more. To their surprise, they end up deported without recovering the expenses cost. The major reason for deportation is using illegal means t get into the country pr undocumented process that raise alarm when an investigation is conducted.

The Incorporation of Immigration Studies in the High School Curriculum

The reforms for immigrants lie among the young people. Educating youths on issues that affect the society will help to solve them through good education and teaching ways of managing such issues. In the past, the teaching of immigration has never been as acute as it is in the present period. Much of the context found in the news and magazines reflect the present effects of immigration (Parra Cardona, Jose Ruben, et al.). However, strong emphasis on the facts and history of such issues need to be evaluated to make solution finding easier. The curriculum in high school should incorporate the studies about the movement of people and the actors leading to such migrations. Despite education does not lay a guarantee to the reforms in the immigration sector, it lays a conversation ground for the debates to take place. The emerging of the United States immigration system must be understood by the present and coming generation to help them solve the riddle of immigrants who are later deported. The topic of immigration s fundamental in the history of the United States and a broader perspective has to be used in the democratic sector to help solve the problem (Gleeson, Shannon, and Roberto). Besides fighting immigrants, merits and intrinsic values of should be considered to avoid mistreatment, racialized targets, and the marginalization of groups based on origin, race, and color.

The Deportation of Immigrants over Small Offenses

Native residents are not guaranteed to not committing offenses. However, the deportation of immigrants over small offenses should be revised as they the country of the United States will end p to lose workforce that work in industries. During president Obama’s regime, he commuted prison sentences of over 100 inmates that had been jailed over small offenses that were nonviolent. In spite the commutation of prison sentences, thousands of legally “green card” holder still served long-term sentences in prison while their families, spouses, and children suffered for the entire period of the jail terms (Inda). All humans are vulnerable to committing offenses, but the discrimination of non-natives and imposing tough sentences to immigrants is against the human rights laws.

The negative consequences to the people who are found t have committed crime in the United States of America are banned completely from visiting the country and their families that they lie behind. However, deportation of the people for minor offenses is the violation of the human rights. There is a major call for the federal to make major reforms in the immigration department to protect and practice justice to the people. The deportation rule cannot be avoided in some cases that are so sensitive to the federal. However, a program for enabling the deported fellows to visit their families that are still in the United States should be implemented and work together with the Department of Homeland Security.

Immigration Reforms at the State Level

States should be allowed to make by laws that can best fit the regions of governance according to the people and activities carried out. For example, facilities like driving a car is a necessity and undocumented individuals should e allowed to get access to driver’s licenses plus entry to the state universities. The immigrants in the United States of America need financial aid to help them kick-start projects and pay for bills before they can settle for guaranteed income. A major move to such facilities access has been formulated by the states of California and Connecticut. The protection of immigrants by state leaders will help to reduce the discrimination and unfair treatment of the refugees and immigrants who have come in good faith to work and some to be residents with the acquisition of green cards.

Enforcement of Immigration Can Be Affected by the Executive Power

Reforms in the immigration sector cannot be made by leaders without following the law. For example, president Obama had the executive powers but his orders on the immigration were given a blow by the Supreme Court citing that he had no ability to make such reforms. The use of power is allowed when dealing with crisis ad making orders that are for the benefit of the majority in the state (Bozovic). However, sensitive matters that relate to the nation for the future have to follow the procedure of passing bills in parliament then enacting them into law. Major reforms must be made such as keeping security at the borders tight. The executive powers can apply from such a point where the entry into the nation is through legal means and the objective of the move into the country well stated (Chavez). In such, the immigrants will be safe and the numbers of illegal immigrants reduced to enable the legally accepted immigrants enjoy the benefits provided and offered with enough security.

Immigrants without Documents Are not from the South of the Border

A diverse experience has increased in the country for the people from the South who come into the country without documents. However, not all people without documents are from the South Border. The governments officials must be trained in tailoring the policies, pre-integration programs and improve access permissions to avoid illegal immigrants. The current political climate has no immigration reform that has proven to solve the immigration problem. However, solutions are underway and reforms are being made every day to help solve the problem. Many governments have tried to make reforms that can manage the movement of immigrants and control e but they have all failed due to imposing tough laws that are against the human rights commission. But a better reform should be expected in the near future as leaders and other international officials are on the move in formulating just, fare, and equitable laws that can accommodate immigrants in every nation across the world.

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October 25, 2022

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